about lovelierie


Who We Are

Founded in 2016, lovelierie—pronounced luhv-lee-er-ee—was an online beauty publication that focused on both mainstream makeup trends and out-of-the-box icons, brands and innovations. We ceased publishing on August 15th, 2018.

What We Did

We provided tips, tricks and tutorials, review productsinterview industry innovators & experts and covered everything and anything that pertains to cosmetics. We also really enjoyed collaborating with fellow cosmetic-minded folks.

Where We Were

While we were technically headquartered in San Francisco, our team was scattered across the globe.

You can still keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Google+

Why We Did What We Did

We hoped to create content for beauty enthusiasts from all walks of life. None of that cookie-cutter, beauty-is-one-size-and-skin-tone-and-hair-texture nonsense around these parts.

Our "Fine Print"

Sometimes PR firms and beauty brands sent our editors samples to try out and review. But we only waxed poetic about things that we genuinely loved. Really. If we weren't wowed by a product, we would have let you know (and, or the very "worst", stayed mum about it publicly and given our honest take on it to whoever sent it to us privately). 

How To Reach Us

Simply shoot us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.