A Roundup of Lovely-Looking Lipsticks

A Roundup of Lovely-Looking Lipsticks

Some lipsticks are honestly just too pretty to use. They themselves are works of art, finely-crafted with the utmost attention given to detail, design and aesthetic. Here is a roundup of the lipsticks that are soon going to be emptying my wallet.

Kailijumei Summer Simplicity Lipsticks

Presenting the most breathtaking lipsticks I have ever seen. This brand, Kailijumei, has climbed into lipstick lovers’ hearts with this innovative design. There are flowers inside these clear lipsticks!! Have you ever seen anything prettier? 

MAC Tendertalk Lip Balm

These aren’t so much “pretty” as super duper cool. And anyway, can a lipstick roundup really be complete without MAC? (The answer is no). This is called a “smart lip conditioner” because the tint changes based on the chemistry of your skin. Such a throwback to the mood rings obsession! The holographic packaging gives a ‘90s vibe for sure.

Anna Sui Lipsticks

Creative as ever, Anna Sui’s lipsticks are all just so stunning. The lipsticks have a twisting pattern and the tip is shaped like a star, giving it a shooting star-type look. The case is designed like a candy wrapper. In my opinion, totally worth checking it out.

Dolce & Gabbana Shine Lipstick

This Dolce & Gabbana lipstick is simple but I love the iridescent, gold hue (because of course I do) and the world-famous logo imprint.    

May Sum's Lipstick Creations

p/c:  Refinery29

Hong Kong-based artist May Sum has created lipsticks shaped as busts of famous icons, such as Marilyn Monroe and Anna Wintour! 

While you can purchase these lipsticks to wear, would you really ever want to use them? A smushed up Kate Moss lipstick-figurine is probably considered a sin.

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte

Feel fierce with this Christian Louboutin lipstick. Yeah, the casing is decadent, but that’s not even the best part. The lid of the case has a ring on it, which allows the lipstick to be hung as a pendant. Never again do you have to rummage through your purse for your lipstick! It’ll be swinging round your neck as a great new accessory.

Holika Holika Heartful Silky Lipstick

Huge heart eyes for these heart shaped lipsticks! These come in four shades and all end with a heart shaped tip. I find these adorable and way more affordable than some of the previous options.

Burberry Kisses 

Let’s wrap this up with an elegant design from Burberry. I’m really into the cross hatch pattern on the lipsticks. And you know that the quality’s going to be great!

           Okay, let's go buy some pretty lipsticks now. And if you want to stare at more amazing lipsticks (in even more amazing containers), check out Sam's 5 Lip Products That I Would Buy Just For The Pretty Packaging Alone.

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