3 Indie Alternatives To Too Faced’s “La Créme” Lipsticks

3 Indie Alternatives To Too Faced’s “La Créme” Lipsticks

No doubt you’ve heard of Too Faced’s “La Créme Color Drenched Lipstick”. The whole collection has gained incredible popularity among beauty fanatics because, not only do they offer an awesome variety of shades, but the formula contains White Lotus Flower extract and Power Peptides to keep your lips hydrated and smooth.

However, there are also some great independent make up brands out there offering lipsticks that can easily rival this beauty giant.

Below, I’ve rounded up three of my favorite shades out of the “La Créme Color Drenched” collection and found three gorgeous indie lipsticks to match them. 

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick In Vintage Rose [To Too Faced’s Spice Spice Baby]

Gerard Cosmetics   Lipstick  In Vintage Rose ($19)

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick In Vintage Rose ($19)

To the classic rosy pink of Too Faced’s “Spice Spice Baby,” I’d match Gerard Cosmetics’ “Vintage Rose,” from their selection of lipsticks that are both gluten and cruelty-free. 

The texture is described as “satin,” much like the soft texture of the “La Créme” collection. “Vintage Rose” comes out a bit more solid and a tad less sheer-looking than its competitor. 

Axiology Instinct [To Naughty Nude]

Axiology   Instinct  ($28)

Words cannot express how pretty this collection of shades looks. I think Too Faced’s “Naughty Nude/Chestnut” can be matched—dare I say, outshone?—by Axiology’s “Instinct,” a nude shade that sports a “shy sparkle,” giving it a humble metallic sheen. The brand’s totally vegan formula is also on par with the famously hydrating La Créme ingredient list, guaranteed to leave your lips feeling “soft and kissable.” 

Aromi Merlot [To Berry Naughty]

Aromi   Merlot  ($17)

Aromi Merlot ($17)

Everyone needs a good plum lipstick in their life and if you’re looking for a less expensive, vegan, or indie alternative Faced’s “Berry Naughty,” look no further than Aromi’s “Merlot,” the brand that encapsulates all three of those qualities.

Though “Merlot” may look dark, the color comes out lighter, described as “sheer plum"—like “Berry Naughty” does.

I hope I’ve inspired you to check out these awesome independent brands! Ta-ta for now!

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