3 Makeup Tips For Pale Skin

3 Makeup Tips For Pale Skin

This one goes out to those of us who look like we’ve never seen the sun and who sometimes end up looking like a tomato when we do! For those who have been told we look like a member of the Cullen family...okay, you get my point.

I’m here to share some makeup tips and advice, from one pale human being to another (that's you, presumably!). To lend myself a little credibility—and to prove exactly how pale I really am—I have a little story for you.

I was getting my makeup done before a dance performance when the makeup artist realized she didn’t have a shade of powder light enough for me in her impressively extensive cosmetic collection. Thankfully, I was experienced enough in the having-super-white-skin department to know that bringing my own foundation was a must at this point, but it was still quite an event for me and it segues perfectly into tip number one.

1. REALLY Know Your Shade

You might be thinking this one’s a given, but it is important to mention.

When you’re at one end of the spectrum, you tend to assume your shade is the lightest or darkest (in our case being the former of course).

This is a common mistake that I’ve made myself. Some brands might just not have shades light enough for us, as I’ve grown to understand. It can also happen that the lightest shade is too light for us, so we end up paling ourselves up even more! [Mini life lesson for you: There are several degrees of paleness.] 

Whatever the case is, knowing your exact shade will stop things like these from happening. Ask a professional if you need assistance on this front.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Bold Lipstick

I only really started experimenting with unique lipstick colours lately, because I used to be afraid they’d be “too much” in contrast with my pale complexion.

Now I know I had nothing to worry about! Vibrant lipstick will definitely make your lips stand out—and that’s not a bad thing at all!

In fact, pale beauties rocking over-the-top lip shades is quite “in” right now. I personally think they look gorgeous on all skin tones and pale skin is not an exception.

Makeup can be about taking risks and this is one that’s definitely worth it. My personal brands to shop for these types of shades are ColourPop and L.A Girl and I highly recommend that my fellow pasty people check them out.

3. Use Peach To Color-Correct Dark Circles

Having lighter skin can make dark eye circles extra obvious. If you too are in the extremely dark eye club, you're probably already well-aware that sometimes concealer is simply not enough to cover them up.

Luckily, one of the latest crazes in the beauty world is color-correcting! Beware though, this technique can go VERY wrong if not done properly.

Some people are able to eliminate their dark circles with red lipstick. But sadly this usually doesn't work for us, as the red tends to peek through layers of concealers and foundation due to our hyper-white skin tone.  

Try a peach-based corrector instead! The warm tones will still cancel the under eye circles and the shade will blend seamlessly with your fair skin.

Hope that these help you NOT make a few of the makeup mistakes I have made throughout the years!

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