3 Reasons I’m In love With Maya Water Facial Mist™

3 Reasons I’m In love With Maya Water Facial Mist™

Maya Water  Organic White Tea  Norwegian Thermal Spa Water

Maya Water Organic White Tea  Norwegian Thermal Spa Water

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try a few of the Norwegian facial mists from Maya Water, which are said to have products rich in minerals that are revitalizing to tired skin. I was a little skeptical at first about how much this water mist could really benefit my skin, with claims of revitalizing, moisturizing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but I’ve become totally obsessed with Maya Water and I use it multiple times a day.

Here are 3 reasons why.

1. It Is The Best Mister EVER

I absolutely love skincare products that have continuous mists instead of a pump spray and these sprays have a fabulous mister. It gives a super fine mist, which is said to help the skin absorb the product quicker and easier.

This refreshing mist can be sprayed directly onto your face in circular motions if you want a more intense coverage or spray directly above you and let it fall onto your face for a less wet feel.  The mister also makes these products the ideal makeup setting spray, since it allows for even coverage all over the face.

2. It Provides A Quick Shot Of Moisture

I have eczema, which gives me super unflattering red patches on my skin if I’m not hydrated enough. It’s a little impractical to put lotion on my face every few hours when I’m out and about, but with Maya Water, it was as easy as popping the top off, misting and going about my business.

I saw a huge difference in the hydration of my skin while testing out their products. I spray myself in my car, when I stop at the restroom, break time at work, etc.

3. There Are Two Different Bottle Sizes

I now use this facial mist many, many times a day, on my entire face and on my décolletage area. The bigger option comes in a hairspray can-ish size which I keep on my vanity, so I don’t need to be super worried about it running out while using it so much. For "on-the-go" occasions, they have a perfectly-sized mini-version that can be tucked into a purse or gym tote.

One thing I wanted to mention is that I didn’t notice much variation between any of the Maya Water sprays. They are all unscented and left my skin feeling great, but none really stood out as "different". I was able to test out the Pure, Organic White Tea and Organic Goji facial mists. They’re all fantastic and I totally recommend them, but I don’t think you’d neccsarily need to invest in more than one kind, to be honest.

If you try out the Maya Water facial mists, I’d love to know what you think.  Tag us @lovelierie on Twitter and Instagram and let’s chat about it!

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