3 Tips For Finding The Foundation Of Your Dreams

3 Tips For Finding The Foundation Of Your Dreams

In my personal opinion, foundation is one of the most important makeup products anyone can own. And I don't think I'm alone here—I'm sure many beauty-minded maniacs would say that it is an essential component in achieving an all-around excellent makeup look. After all, it is the base of every look; responsible for providing us with a smooth, even canvas.

Because of this, using the wrong foundation can lead to some pretty disastrous results.

So how do you ensure that the foundation you chose is indeed ideal? Here are three foolproof tips to guide you toward the perfect foundation for you.

1. Match To Your Neck, Not To Your Face

You’ve probably heard this before from multiple beauty bloggers and makeup artists, but since so many people still simply do not do this, I thought it warranted a mention. 

The fact of the matter is that not everyone's face and neck body tone will match completely.

Whether your face is lighter or darker than the rest of your body, not matching the foundation to your neck can lead to the dreaded makeup-mask look (you know, when someone's face is way lighter than their neck). 

A good spot to test out a foundation and see if it’s the right shade would be your jawline, where the neck and face connect. Trust me on this.

2. Conduct A Trial Run With A Sample Foundation For At Least A Week

Like I mentioned before, different types of skin require different types of products. It also depends on what you personally prefer, or what is easier for you to work with. Like many other makeup products, foundation comes in different forms such as powder, liquid, cream, etc.

While you can totally do your own research on what each type of foundation is good for, I’ve noticed that it’s better to actually try each of these out, especially if you’re just getting started on this whole foundation thing. Make a list of the products you really want to try out and request some samples.

A bonus for trying out a sample for at least a week is that this can help you figure out whether a given foundation will cause flare-ups or breakouts, which may not be apparent with a 3-day sample trial.

3. Don’t Just Focus On The Price Tag

Like any other product, you’ll be able to find foundations in a wide range of prices. It’s important to remember that high-end doesn’t always translate to high-quality. There are plenty of drugstore foundations that do the job impressively and that might fit your needs just fine.

That being said, I think foundation is one of those things that are worth spending a few extra bucks on. If, after trying some samples, you are tempted to go with a more-expensive-than-normal foundation, go ahead and grab it!  You’ll have a new favorite product that you know you can trust as opposed to having to toss out several sub-par cheaper options in your foundation seeking quest.

Wishing you a fruitful foundation hunt!

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