3 Up-And-Coming Nail Artists That All Beauty Lovers Should Be Following

3 Up-And-Coming Nail Artists That All Beauty Lovers Should Be Following

Nail art is currently one of the trendiest art forms in the beauty world—and with good reason! It requires a great deal of talent, precision and creativity. Plus, it is mesmerizing to look at.

As a big fan of all things nailicious (and also of making up new words), I can only aspire to be as gifted as the nail artists I’m about to introduce.

Whether you want to follow their steps and see some tutorials or you just want to admire their skills from afar (trust me, just seeing the end results is extremely satisfying), I encourage you to hop on the nail art bandwagon and give these guys a follow. 

Simply Nailogical

See? There’s just something about the word “nail” that lends itself to the creation of new words. Anyway, Simply Nailogical (a.k.a Cristine) wins the title of my all-time favorite nail artist. While it’s easy to tell she is incredibly talented by just looking at her feed, her uniqueness is what I love the most.

Her tutorials and reviews are filled with comedy, courtesy of her hilarious comments and sarcasm. She even has parodies and story time videos all centered on the topic of nails. 

She also coined the term ‘holosexual’ so if you want to find out what that means, you know what to do. 


If you really want to get into nail art but it all seems too complicated and you just don’t know where to start, fear not—HannahRoxNails (of Hannah Rox It) is here to show you how everything is done.

This talented artist has tutorials that are geared for beginners. They are super easy to follow and the end results will have you looking like a total pro.

Just take a look at this LUSH Bath Bomb Inspired Nails video she did

And this Walking Dead one. And this Frozen one. And so many more. Seriously, go check ALL of her stuff out.


Queen of Nail Stamps. This mom and nail art super-fan showcases all of the designs that she has done with different stamps and stencils on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel, though it is worth noting that she seems to have pressed pause on posting new videos for the time being.

#notd from @pueencosmetics PLATE COLLECTION - LOVE BOX 02. Plates used was Geo Lover 02 & Nature Lover 02

A photo posted by NAIL ART (@nailstampfanatic) on

Her attention to detail is unparalleled; I'm content with just staring at her work. And while she may not do full-on tutorials these days, she does always list the products and stamps/stencils she uses in her IG posts, so you can go and check them out if you feel like recreating her art. Stamp away! 

Now go on and be dazzled by these nail artists' creations by following them all. And tell me who YOU are following for your nail art inspiration by chiming in via Twitter.

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