3 Ways To Sneak Flowers Into Your Spring Beauty Routine

3 Ways To Sneak Flowers Into Your Spring Beauty Routine

When I think of spring, the first thing I imagine is a field full of beautiful flowers blowing in the breeze. Except that fresh flowers actually give me horrible allergies (sigh), so I am typically forced to adore them from afar, accompanied by a bottle of allergy medicine. 

But, I have successfully found three fun ways to sneak some gorgeous springtime happiness into my everyday beauty routine, sans sneezes.

(Yes, this is a bit early, but you can never be too prepared, right?)

1. Blossom Beauty Cuticle Oil

Blossom Beauty   Cuticle Oil   In "Jasmine"  (price varies by retailer)

Blossom Beauty Cuticle Oil In "Jasmine" (price varies by retailer)

Look familiar? This cuticle oil is absolutely stunning. Not only do I love the way that it makes my cuticles feel, but it also has real flowers inside of the bottle! It is a flowery masterpiece to keep out on display during spring!

The scent that I have, Lavender, is also really lovely and subtle. They also have tons of other scents like Rose, Spring Bouquet, Honeysuckle and some yummy fruity scents, if florals aren’t your thing!  

2. Dried Flower Nail Art


I love dried flowers! Every spring, I would put flowers in my books to flatten them and dry them out, just so I could keep them on display for weeks to come. I think there’s something so delicate and magical about dried flowers.

So, I was utterly in awe of this dried flower nail art from @nailistanri on Instagram. Those are real dried flowers, each placed individually by hand!

3. Mr. Kate's “Roses Are Gold” BeautyMarks Tattoos

My obsession with anything Mr. Kate creates is a little crazy, but did you know that she also has a whole range of temporary tattoos that are beyond gorgeous? Metallic freckles, glitter confetti...and, of course, this charming rose gold set of rose and foliage temporary tattoos, called Roses Are Gold

If you want a way to add some sparkle to celebrate that your arms and shoulders are now free from the dreaded coats of winter, I highly recommend snagging these stunning rose designs.

What are your favorite spring beauty products? I’d love to add some lovely new things to my collection.  

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#FollowFriday: Angela Sasaki

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