3 Zany Beauty Crazes That I Can’t Stop Obsessing Over

3 Zany Beauty Crazes That I Can’t Stop Obsessing Over

I am all about odd beauty routines, products, and practices, which is why I decided to round them up and share three that I am really inexplicably into.

Let's jump right in, shall we?

The Oval Face Brush (a.k.a "The Face Toothbrush")

As I was unpacking this purchase, I couldn’t help but think, “Did I really just buy a toothbrush to use for foundation?”  

To be fair, it’s not actually a giant toothbrush and the bristles are ridiculously soft, but it’s pretty reminiscent of one.  These oval-shaped brushes have super dense bristles coming out of the side of the handle. 

I first came across this type of brush when I discovered Artis' luxury brush line. At $40+ per brush though, I decided to search for a more affordable alternative. That’s when I found the KingMas Oval Makeup Brush (it was $3.50 with shipping!) on Amazon. 

These days this crazy face toothbrush has become my everyday foundation brush and I honestly can’t live without it. I use it for cream, liquid, and powder foundation, and it can blend all of them like a dream. The bristles are incredibly soft and dense, which allows for great coverage on the face with very little product needed.  The brush handle is thin and made of plastic, so make sure that you are not applying a lot of downward pressure onto the face or you may snap this amazing brush in two. Since it is so reasonably priced, I will soon be ordering two more in order to aid me in applying skincare products and blush/contouring powder.

Graphic Liner


Graphic liner is one of those zany beauty trends that I absolutely love.  This trend always adds a modern edge to any average makeup look.  It involves using eyeliner or eyeshadow to create bold and crisp lines on the eyes. 

My favorite thing about this trend is the countless combinations of styles, shapes, and colors that you can use.  The graphic liner look that I love most is a super black liquid liner on the lash line and the Sephora Contour Matte Gel Eyeliner in Beautiful Monster ($14) on the crease of the eye.

It’s the perfect look for a night out or, if you’re like me, to wear at home while watching TV...#ImNotCrazyIJustLikeMakeUp.

Temporary Tattoos

This recent beauty comeback has hit me with a major dose of preteen nostalgia. Temporary tattoos and henna were two things that I obsessed over with all of my preteen heart.  I was beyond excited to see the Shine Beautifully Temporary Tattoo ($10) packs at Sephora.

The one that I found at my local Sephora had 38 gorgeous rose gold temporary tattoos.  I plan to use the smaller temporary tattoos to add some outer-corner sparkle for eye looks, on my wrists, and even my back when wearing open back dresses and tops.  

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go apply more temporary tattoos, listen to Britney Spears and The Killers on repeat and call up some old and dear friends to share in the nostalgia of past summers.

Come back soon for more zany and fun-filled beauty tips.


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