4 Tips To Know Before You Dye Your Hair

4 Tips To Know Before You Dye Your Hair

Changing your hair can be surprisingly challenging, especially if you’re a lover of wacky hair colors like me!  I’ve had teal, purple, green, orange, "oil slick"Little Mermaid red and now jet black hair and each shade has given me opportunities (and challenges) for how I style myself.

If you’re thinking about making a major hair color change for the first time, these tips will help make the process a little smoother.

Tip #1

Before dying your hair, do yourself the huge favor of consulting the color wheel before committing to a new hair color. Certain colors pair with each other and some really just don’t. 

My wardrobe consisted of a lot of blue and purples, which made my cool toned red hair look great..and my warm toned orange hair look a little crazy. Take a look at the hues in your closet and your makeup collection before deciding on your next mane color.

For example, when I dyed my hair teal, I found it necessary to buy a few new lip colors that were more flattering. You never want your hair to clash with your everyday style, right?

Tip #2

Buy yourself a black pillow case. Especially if you’re using a semi-permanent hair color or you choose a super pigmented color like red that might transfer. You’ll be so glad you listened to me on this, I swear.

Tip #3

Purchase a color depositing conditioner for the longevity of your hair color. My favorites are from the Biotera Sheer Illuminator collection.

Biotera   Sheer Illuminator   (price varies by retailer)

Biotera Sheer Illuminator (price varies by retailer)

They have Shiny Red, Shiny Burgundy, Shiny Gold, Shiny Platinum and Shiny Copper! Basically, this beauty buy deposits a little bit of color each time you use it, which helps keep your hair looking gorgeous and extends the time in-between coloring.

Tip #4

Isopropyl alcohol can help remove hair dye stains from surfaces in a pinch. You got bright red hair color all over your white countertop (AHH!!!). Don’t panic, put some isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel and wipe away.

I hope you find these tips useful on your hair color journey! If you decide to create a masterpiece out of your hair, make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see.  

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