5 Beauty Resolutions I Want To Achieve At 21

5 Beauty Resolutions I Want To Achieve At 21

Hello! My name is Mariana and I turned 21 years old this past October 30th. As you might know, 21 is a pretty meaningful age for most of us, a time where we may want to finally do things that we haven’t had the chance to do before or that we’ve been putting off.

Well, I certainly do have my fair share of life-changing things I want to accomplish, but that’s a conversation for another time. Right now I want to talk on a smaller scale; beauty resolutions, anyone?

Whether it’s products I want to try or skills I want to learn, there are many beauty related goals I want to achieve before I turn 22. And I’d like to share 5 of them with you!

1. Mastering The Cut Crease

Pretty self-explanatory. I think cut creases look beautiful and they leave room for lots of creativity when it comes to eye looks. But even when following along a tutorial (like this one that Shriya put together), it can be tricky to pull off and definitely requires some practice. Hopefully one year is enough to become a pro! 

2. Having A Complete Makeup Brush Collection

Have you ever sat down and looked at people’s pictures of their huge makeup brush collection and gotten extremely jealous? I certainly have. Right now you could say I have the essentials, but I can’t help but think my makeup skills would improve if I had more tools to work with. That, or I might just be a little greedy.

3. Taking An Official Makeup Course

YouTube tutorials have been quite helpful so far and I know a lot of talented makeup artists out there are self-taught, but I’m definitely a classroom type of person. I believe I’d benefit a lot from a proper course and who knows, it might help a lot in case I wanted to make makeup my career.

4. Finally Go Through With The Grey Ombre Hair Plunge

If you read my piece on grey ombre hair you’ll know that I’ve been dying to get it done but just haven’t had the courage. Who knows if that’ll change in the upcoming year but I’m praying it does!

5. And Last But Definitely Not Least…Getting My Beauty Sleep

Okay, so I’ve never been the best at the whole ‘beauty sleep’ thing which is why I’m currently sporting what I’m almost sure are permanent, super-dark circles. But I definitely want to change that, not just for my physical appearance but also for my health.

Do you have any beauty resolutions of your own? As always, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram and tell me all about them. Over and out!

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