5 Competition & Performance-Worthy Products

5 Competition & Performance-Worthy Products

Figure skating is a super strange combination of extreme athleticism and rhinestone-encrusted glamour. During my years of competing and performing in shows, I’ve found that it can be a real struggle to find products that stand up to the pressure of performing. 

Whether it’s figure skating, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics or just an epic night at the club, I’m going to give you my top 5 products picks for looking like a pro (for hours, not minutes).

1. Goody Goody® SlideProof™ Secure Fit Elastics

Goody   Goody® SlideProof™ Secure Fit Elastics   (price varies by retailer)

These hair bands are amazing if you’ll be doing a lot of movement or if you have fine silky hair that just won’t hold in a traditional fabric coated hairband. These have a rubber grip that spirals around the entire hair band, gripping onto hair and making it nearly impossible for your up-do to slide out.

2. göt2b glued styling SPIKING GLUE

göt2b   glued styling SPIKING GLUE    (price varies by retailer)

göt2b glued styling SPIKING GLUE  (price varies by retailer)

The aptly-named göt2b glued line was created to keep super unique and structural hairstyles locked into place.  Now, this styling SPIKING GLUE is not the product for your average every day hair look—we are solely talking "for special occasions" here.

While your hair will get hard and crunchy when using this, you will not have a hair out of place until you wash it out. And that's what the goal is here, you know?

3. Kat Von D Beauty Studded Kiss Lipstick

A bold lip color is essential for performing. When there are people trying to see you from hundreds of feet away, any extra definition and color you can add to your face will help. 

On that note, I absolutely adore the Kat Von D Beauty Studded Kiss Lipsticks. Silkily smooth and high-pigmented, they are ideal for any need-all-eyes-on-you occasion. The color range for this line is also insanely extensive. My personal favorites are Gothica and Adora (pictured above). 

4. Ardell Lashes Lash Accents #301

Ardell Lashes   Lash Accents #301   (price varies by retailer)

Ardell Lashes Lash Accents #301 (price varies by retailer)

These are a great alternative to putting on a full set of falsies. I cannot stand having a full band of lashes on my eyes when I’m trying to skate or do anything active! They can feel heavy, lift at the corners and just generally feel like they are getting in the way. A set of accent lashes will go on the outer half of the eye, adding a little oomph to your look without proving a hindrance.

4. Urban Decay All-Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

This product crops up on the pages of lovelierie ALL THE TIME because it is just that great. This (or another makeup setting spray of your choice that doesn't promise a "dewy finish" or "glow" since the last thing you want is to look like you're sweating up a storm) will make sure that your makeup stays in place.

If you have a performance coming up, make sure to give these products a test run and let us know how it goes on Instagram and Twitter. Break a leg, I’m rooting for you!

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