5 Halloween Makeup Looks That Deserve Your Undivided Attention

5 Halloween Makeup Looks That Deserve Your Undivided Attention

Halloween is—without a doubt—my favorite holiday. I'm still wraping my brain around this whole “we’re adults now, we can’t go trick-or-treating” concept that my friends keep trying to explain to me. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t dress up, right?

Whatever you’re planning on doing for Halloween, whether it’s trick-or-treating (you’re blessed with good friends, never let them go!), turning up in a cramped dorm with a hundred of your closest friends/strangers, chilling at home watching horror movies, or passing out candy, there is no excuse for your makeup not look amazingly, horrifically fantastic.

1. @fancymebeauty

If you’re not super comfortable with going all out with your Halloween makeup, check out this glorious look. Looks like she didn’t escape the wolf. These gashes are pretty realistic and scary, without going absolutely insane with the special effects-type cosmetics.

All you would really need are red lipstick, black and white eyeliners and brown and purple eyeshadows. And I bet you have those in your everyday makeup kit at home! Add a bit of fake blood for the effect to really pop and you’re set! The ombre lip, which is really coming into style these days, ties this whole look together, adding a bit of femininity to a “scary” look.

2. @shainaazad

YouTuber Shaina Azad's mermaid look is soooo beautiful (in other words, if you’re not into the whole scary thing, this will be right up your alley). You must, must, must go all out on your eyes to make this work, with vibrant, glittery, blue eyeshadow and huge falsies.

The lips are simple, just some pink gloss. But forget everything you learned about choosing the right color for your contour—okay, please don’t actually forget because I wrote a whole article about it; just put it aside for now. Take some matte blue eyeshadow or blush and fill in the hollows of your cheeks and the periphery of your face. Keep your hand light and subtle for an otherworldly look that doesn’t make you look like member of the Blue Man Group. Finally, pop on some top-notch highlighter to nab that glowing, ethereal look.

3. @gracedenny

I think Grace Denny's look is so great because dressing up as an animal is pretty common, but she went way beyond just donning fake whiskers and a plastic nose. Her look is also really simple! You can use face paint, or eyeliners to create this look.

She uses a graphic liner look for her eyes, which ties in perfectly with the stripes she's drawn around her face. She smokes it out on the outer edges, so her eyes look beautiful, while blending in well with the rest of her look. She’s also filled in her eyebrows a bit thicker and darker so that they also blend in with the stripes, instead of standing out as a separate entity, which is a pretty clever idea.

4. @shevkellymua

I actually gasped when I first saw this. It’s phenomenal, and all you really need to do, makeup-wise, is a solid smokey eye. You can use some red and purple eyeshadows on your lid, following the line you would use to make a wing. Then bring it down beneath last line as well. Put some kohl on your upper and lower lash lines and smudge everything out.

This look shouldn’t be neat; it should be messy while creating an illusion depth and mystery. Keep the rest of your face simple: matte with a hint of red blush. Finish the look off with some deep red lipstick. Add your jewelry and you’re good to go!

5. @megannicole.makeup

Replicating this look will require face paint…and serious art skills! She honestly looks like a cartoon and I love it. You need to paint your whole face and any visible body parts, so remember to use a base underneath so it doesn’t do any damage.

Then you’re going to need paints in light green, yellow, and white. You can blend these all together, or you can paint yourself green, and use the yellow and white to add depth and highlights. Then, using black paint and a thin brush, you can draw on the “squiggles”. I really like how she traced over her collar bones and the lines on her face; it makes it way more realistic-looking.

This look is one of the few times you want to show off the bags under your eyes. Draw them out with the black paint and then fill them in with red! Line your lips with the black and fill them in with red lipstick, using the white paint to create highlights. Finally, fill in your eyebrows so they look flat and two-dimensional.

There is going to be plenty more Halloween makeup talk where that came from, so stick around!


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