5 Heart-Worthy Valentine's Makeup Looks

5 Heart-Worthy Valentine's Makeup Looks

So, I know not all of y’all are big on Valentine’s Day. But I actually love it. I’m not even a romantic, quite the opposite actually, but I still think it’s adorable. All the pink, red, cute, thoughtful cards.

I don’t think of it as just a romantic day. It’s great to have a date, but it’s just a nice day to spread love, whether with your significant other, your girls, your mom, or most importantly, yourself! And don’t forget about all of the discount chocolate!

Even if you don’t have any big plans for Valentine's Day this year, doll yourself up and do your thing. Valentine’s Day makeup is just so pretty and sweet. This year, I’m not feelin’ the red so much. I’m loving glitter and smokey pinks. So, let's enjoy some of this magic on Instagram.

1. @fraya.beauty

Like I said, glitter’s the word. I like this look (which you can see the tutorial for here) a lot because it’s pretty simple, but it still looks so glam. It’s all about creating that subtle smokey effect with your choice of pink; one that suits your skin tone too though!

Dab on some extra concentrated glitter, pop on some highlight on the inner corners of your eyes, and a wing. Go heavy on the lashes to get those lusty, heart eye vibes. A sweep of blush, and a small touch of pink lipstick and you're done!

2. @kaushalbeauty

What a look...I am in love. This is so easy, yet so eye-catching. I’m a huge fan of bottom liner and I think it is very underdone and underrated, so I really appreciate this look.

Just a neutral crash shadow, some mascara and some electric pink shadow or eyeliner on your bottom lash line makes you look so striking! Keep the rest of the face plain so your eyes stand out.

This peachy perfection from Gabryelle Lockhart is so beautiful. A deep purple and black smokey eye that makes eyes pop. I love how the light hits her face and creates the most gorgeous, natural radiance. Nude lips complete this sweet look!

4. @the.ajna.numinous

Fam{ILY} Dinner night 💕💓🖤 #FamilyDinner #Buns #valentinesmakeup #PhillyMUA #muaofinstagram

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For some of you who are a bit more wild with your makeup, this is really cute. A sweep of shocking pink over the lids, some glitter, thick wings and voluminous lashes. More hot pink on the lips and my favorite part: bright pink blush and contour.

5. @tiafieldsmakeup

This look is perfect for going out with your non-lover beloved. A revamp of the classic red lips and wings look that is ever-so-popular for Valentine’s Day, she’s added some red and silver glitter and lashes to get this amazing look. Her superb use of highlight gives this look some sun-kissed softness.

6. @samysweetpassion

For that sultry, we’re-going-home-together-after-dinner-and-a-few-glasses-of-champagne look, I would definitely go for this. I love the shimmery purple and pink smokey eye. A great tip for smokey eyes is to line the water line to add to the shadows, but don’t line the lash line with your eyeliner. Simply smudge some of your base shadow underneath to give it a continuous look. Contour, highlight and pretty lips. Also, her eyebrows are so incredible.

Have fun with your makeup! It’s going to be hard to not fall head over heels in love with yourself!

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