5 Instagrammers To Follow For Never-Ending Beauty Inspiration

5 Instagrammers To Follow For Never-Ending Beauty Inspiration

Instagram can clue you into the newest beauty trends, introduce you to some of the world's most incredible beauty bloggers/artists and can help you locate makeup looks that dreams are made of. That said, sometime sifting through sub-par accounts in the hopes of finding someone worth obsessing over is more trouble than it's worth. 

Don't worry though, because I went ahead and did the dirty work for you! Here is a roundup a few of my brand-new follow-worthy Instagram beauty idols. You're welcome.

1. Evelina Forsell  (EVELINA.FORSELL)

Check out my blog to see some new goodies from Urban Decay & Gerard Cosmetics 😘 link in bio

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Following this 20-year-old makeup artist from Sweden will give you PLENTY of makeup ideas. Her ability to rock colored lipstick and vibrant shadows is completely admirable and she does a truly stellar job at listing each and every product that she used to achieve a given look. She also has her own YouTube channel where she posts comprehensive tutorials for her many amazing Instagram looks.

2. Lottie Tomlinson (LOTTIETOMLINSON)

Eyes- make up geek / flame thrower 👠🔥💥 Lips - velvet 59 / vanilla macaroon 🍦💋

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Lottie may be the sister of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, but her beauty star is rising based on her own merits. This 17-year-old started out assisting 1D makeup artist Lou Teasdale—whose account you should also totally follow, by the way—before more recently breaking into the fashion industry. 

Lottie also often posts shots of very unique/cool makeup looks (think "Glitter Lids" and "Rainbow Roots") that you're bound to want to emulate.

3. The Gay Beards (THEGAYBEARDS)

Who says dolled-up and decorated facial hair can’t serve as a specific strain of beauty inspiration? Brian and Johnathan are two best friends with legendary beards and oodles of creativity. They actually started out just posting photos on Instagram until the world fell in love with them and they decided to start their own YouTube channel

Basically, you will be charmed by these fantastically-bearded fellows. Trust me.

4. Laura Villegas (LAURAVILLEGASSS)

The very lovely Laura Villegas is a professional makeup artist from my home country (Colombia!) and I really think that her work deserves world-wide recognition. Her posts are far from one-note—in fact her otherworldly editorial looks are often posted next to jaw-dropping prosthetics/FX makeup looks—and display an impressive variety of styles. 

Don't take my word for it though—follow her and find out for yourself.

5. Into The Gloss (INTOTHEGLOSS)

Girl gang at @off____white 💥@chiwonghair #pfw

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Okay, this technically isn't a person, but whatever.  

Into The Gloss is a beauty blog that has built up an uber-fantastic Instagram presence.  This actually ventures away from strictly beauty territory but I'm not complaining! They frequently dish about fashion, hair care, celebs and much, much more. It's basically the perfect account to explore for hours on end. Plus, they sprinkle in top-notch beauty quotes from stars and readers alike. 

Now follow away! And you can also follow lovelierie on Instagram

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