5 Lip Products That I Would Buy Just For The Pretty Packaging Alone

5 Lip Products That I Would Buy Just For The Pretty Packaging Alone

Confession time! I’m a huge sucker for cute packaging. Seriously, if I’m not careful, I will buy any adorably-encased product, regardless of whether or not it works well.

For whatever reason, something about having a super cute lip product tucked away in my purse brings me so much joy.  In fact, even the thought of potentially owning prettily-packaged lipsticks/liners/glosses makes me happy, which is why I wanted to share some of my current "future purchases" with you!

1. SugarVenom's Aiko Organic Mineral Lip Gloss

I love this gloss for two reasons—the gorgeous design and the slightly nostalgia evoking packaging. I’m absolutely crazy for the typeface of the lid of the gloss, it adds such a fun vibe and enhances the design of the overall product. Not to mention the twists in the gloss, which reminds me of the lip smackers lip-gloss I was obsessed with as a little girl. Plus, it's organic, vegan and the box is printed with soy ink. Good for the earth and good for you.

Rating: 7/10

2. Stiks Cosmetiks' Think Pink! Sliks

This is a minimalist’s dream-come-true. Futuristic, yet simple, right? Bonus points for the uber-cool sleek lines and tube shape.

Rating: 6/10

3. Sigma Beauty's Lip Switch

I seriously can’t get over the way this holographic lip-gloss glimmers throughout its bottle. And whoever designed this was smart enough to keep everything else "clean", so as not to distract from its bewitching contents. Well-done.

Rating: 8/10

4. Winky Lux's Lip Velour Collection

Okay, so not only is the very chic pill-like dual-toned tube awesome, but so is the gorgeous floral box it comes in.

Honestly, I'd keep the box and the lipstick tube long after I used up the actual lipstick. 

Rating: 9/10

5. Velvet 59's Pink Pipeline-The Malibu Sunset Lipstick Collection

This one takes the cake in my eyes. The innovative design of the tube is basically a work of art; I love how they took a new twist on an old design. I can’t get over it. Not to mention the box and its super cool wave picture. Also, the brand is vegan and gluten-free. Props all around.

Rating: 10/10

Want to share YOUR favorite lip product packing picks with me? Sound off on lovelierie's Twitter or Instagram.

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