5 Products I Will Never, Ever Stop Buying

5 Products I Will Never, Ever Stop Buying

While there is admittedly something a little thrilling about sampling a brand-new beauty buy, it is also amazing to have an assortment of tried-and-true products that you never stray away from.  

Today, I just wanted to take a few minutes to pay lip service (except I mean it!) to a few of the products that I simply refuse to go without.

Face Masks 

Believe it or not, there are benefits to studying alone in the library basement at 4 AM—most notably the luxury of being able to treat your skin to some much-needed TLC.

During exams season last semester, in all my “I can multitask literally everything” naiveté, I toted around a tube of my favorite Caudalie’s Instant Detox Mask. Because of course I could find the energy to slather on a layer of (lovely, lovely) goo, set a timer, stumble back to the bathroom without scaring anybody, miraculously find a washcloth (or, let’s face it, one-ply toilet paper…) and rinse.

But even the most shameless of us have limits when it comes to midnight library habits.

Enter sheet masks, in all their pre-packaged, goodness-infused glory.

My current favorite is the Apple Brightening & Hydrating Mask from My Scheming.

My Scheming 's Apple Brightening & Hydrating Mask-  available on Amazon   ( ≈$14.95)

My Scheming's Apple Brightening & Hydrating Mask- available on Amazon (≈$14.95)

This mask is enriched with Natto to rehydrate and replenish moisture for bouncy, supple skin. Press it onto your face with clean hands and massage the remaining serum down your jawline, into your neck. After 10-20 minutes, simply discard the mask and get back to work!

Eye Brightener Pen

I’m a big fan of illusions. Specifically of the “my life is falling apart and I am about six days behind on readings but don’t I look well-rested?” variety. Eye brightener pens have resurrected my face more times than I can count. Between allergies, all-nighters and a general anxiety about the state of the economy, the dark circles under my eyes are belligerent colonies of their own. But a really good eye brightener pen valiantly shares the heavy burden with your daily concealer.

Case in point: bareMineralsWell-Rested® Face and Eye Brightener.

I like to dot this one along the circumference of my eye circles before my concealer and then blend. It also looks great on the tip of your nose and on the high points above your eyebrow.

MAC's Minereralize Blush in Warm Soul

I couldn’t go with a generic “mineralized blush” here because MAC's Minereralize Blush in Warm Soul has been the blush for me. It’s more beige than pink, with a warm, golden sheen, and is very, very buildable. It was recommended for my darker East Asian skin tone, but has looked amazing on my (fair-skinned) suitemates as well. Apply with an angled brush slightly above your cheekbones for a softer contoured look. Pairs well with a cool-toned brown lip and toasted bagel with schmear. 

Colourpop's StingRAYE

You know you’ve made it in life when the cranky café cashiers compliment you on your lipstick. Twice in a row.

This is my go-to lipstick, the inspiration and muse behind my “feelin’ myself” Snapchats (self-love, my friends, is so very important in a collegiate bubble of hyper-achievement, toxic competition and sleep deprivation) and the pep in my step (difficult to achieve when you’re a California girl stranded in a Midwest blizzard). The shade is a darker mauve with rosy undertones. It applies smoothly—though I will admit that it is the tiniest bit drying—and is best worn with a darker lip liner for a clean, flawless shape. I liiiiiive for crisp lines between skin and lipstick.

LORAC CosmeticsLORAC PRO Contour Palette & PRO Contour Brush

Let me preface this by saying that contouring is a fine art and I am barely passing Fundamentals of Drawing at this point, so please be patient with me. From my brief tango with MAC's Blunt to a literal one night stand with NARS' Laguna, I have had commitment (among other) issues with finding a contour shade that actually works with me. But the Lorac Pro Contour Palette comes with not two, but three shades of varying intensity. As a darker girl with a bit of melanin goodness, I get to play with them all and experiment with color mixology and find the perfect – or most natural, which is pretty close to perfect – contour.

The beige and yellow highlights do a lot of heavy lifting under my eyes as well, and though I have yet to dip into the shimmer highlight (bareMinerals Pure Radiance I am faithful to thee), the ability of 5/6 (that’s a B, y’all!) colors in the palette to wiggle their way into my daily routine is impressive. 


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