5 Shockingly Underrated Etsy Shops

5 Shockingly Underrated Etsy Shops

Let’s be honest, leggings and diamonds can’t hold a candle to a girl’s real best friend—Pinterest. If you’re like me, chances are you pin a thousand things at a time, but never actually do any of them. I spend hours pinning all kinds of beauty tricks and at-home things to make and try, but do I ever get around to buying all of those things and making the stuff myself? Nope.

Luckily for us lazy folk, you can usually find someone on Etsy who has actually made one of those Pinterest projects for you!

So, if you’re looking for those Pinterest-perfect, homemade beauty fixes without having to do any of the work, check out these five Etsy shops!

1. Indigo Elixirs


Boasting “handcrafted medicines for the skin + soul,” this charming shop from Indigo Elixirs features a good variety of handmade body products.

This shop has everything from Savior Salve: for Eczema & Rashes to Chocolate Balm: Decadent Dessert for the Skin. With rave reviews, each ‘Crafted With Love’ product comes in a beautiful little tin or bottle and is made at the edge of a jungle in Hawaii!

2. Ada Scrub & Fizz Co.


Bringing it back to the mainland, who hasn’t seen recipes on Pinterest for sugar scrubs? These ‘miracle skin cures’ are all-natural and work wonders. This shop has tons of them, and they come in fun scents such as Cranberry Pomegranate and Cinnamon Vanilla (yum!).

Also, if you have commitment issues, this shop sells sample sizes for just $2. Try all the scents you want, without having to buy a full jar!

3. The Coal Miner’s Daughter


Fully organic and vegan, this shop has an interesting assortment of beauty products. Featuring basics such as lip scrubs and balms, this shop also carries hair oils and rejuvenation sprays, as well as coffee mud scrubs and red clay masks! (Also, the packaging tins are super fun.)

On top of all that, they also have fragrance sprays. Pale Moonlight botanical spray, anyone? 

4. Ollie And Max Soap Co.


Adorable name aside, this hidden gem is mostly organic and vegan. They also never test on animals, joking that they only test on ‘a few brave friends.’

This shop rolls out all manners of soaps, lotions, and even deodorants—all in fantastic scents like Crème Brulee, Red Velvet Cake, and Buttercream Cupcake.

5. Suzy’s Scent Shop


Last—but certainly not least—rounding out this collection is Suzy’s Scent Shop. According to her bio, Suzy wants all her customers to feel ‘like a kid in a candy shop' and looking around the store, you really do!

This shop carries handmade perfume, body powder, lip balm, body scrubs, and much more, all in super fun flavors. Think Jack Frost, Cream Cheese Frosting, Monkey Farts, Rainbow Sherbet and many more.

That’s all I have for you for now, but I’ll definitely be reporting back with more Etsy shops and finds soon! Also you might want to read Bow Down To Regina Panzeca since it is an interview with an incredible Etsy shop (well, shops actually) owner.

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