5 Two-Toned Lips Looks To Try Out

5 Two-Toned Lips Looks To Try Out

I love checking out the newest trends and makeup looks. I can appreciate the entertainingly striking and creative ways makeup, lipstick in particular, can be used. Two-toned lips are a perfectly daring change in style or for those days you’re feeling a little bit classy but also a bit sassy.

They can be done in a subtle fashion, using the same tones of a shade, or using different shades and combining various colors. There are so many ways to personalize lips and using a two-toned look is a way to stand out at this year's holiday parties. 

1. @hester_make_up

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This two-toned look is on the subtle end of the spectrum. It starts off with a darker pink and goes into a softer shade. This look is ideal for people who do not like trying out bold lips and are indifferent to the idea of using two completely different colors on their lips. It’s soft enough in that it’s an everyday look, and different enough that you can still visibly see the two-toned-ness. Perfectly classy for that office holiday party around the corner!

2. @hkassel

This next style (posted by Hayley Kassel) is pretty intense, but it looks absolutely stunning. The red and pink blend fittingly for a holiday party paired with a simple dress and simple face makeup. Like glitzy nails, this color combo is the perfect accessory.

3. @jasminesuepart2

This just might become my new "daring" look for when I am on-the-go. Seriously, all it takes it a swipe of lipstick and the look is elevated to editorial heights, just like that. 

4. @etoile_mua

Now this look is a must! It's glamorous, it's eye-catching and it's super fun and festive. I'm in love.

5. @jackieobanshee

While the overall look here is wildly over-the-top, the lip component is surprisingly wearable, granted that you keep the rest of your makeup on a low-key level. 

Be bold and try out these awesome tones and styles for yourself. All you have to do is scrounge around in your makeup bag and see what two-toned looks you can come up with! 

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