A Complete Genius: Angélica Fuentes

A Complete Genius: Angélica Fuentes

Angélica Fuentes is the founder of A Complete, a skincare company "inspired, created and celebrated by strong woman around the world". 

Well, we just couldn't wait to chat with this incredible beauty entrepreneur. 

We are endlessly inspired by your words of wisdom. Do you mind sharing a bit about a time where this seemed impossible?

I, too, have experienced firsthand the obstacles women face when trying to fulfill their aspirations.  I have had fears, struggles, doubts and, at times, negative beliefs and patterns that I unconsciously chose over my own happiness and peace of mind.  

For a long time, I kept searching for my own power in the satisfaction of my ego. I thought my power came from outside myself, and I was wrong. Real empowerment comes from within.

I have worked within myself to overcome all these challenges.  I know I only have one life, one chance, one opportunity to develop my full potential as human being, and to plant the seed of change for future generations. I chose to give my power to my love and my light, and now love and light have become my power.

Among other lessons, placing the focus on myself helped me to become more strategic and less tactical, to optimize my strengths, to act boldly in moments of critical decision making, to relinquish control when needed and take the lead when appropriate, to stop asking others for permission, to lose my fear of change and to discover that I always have the capacity to make it one step beyond what I had originally thought possible.

Everything is about the wonderful human being that you are, not about being a woman. Your gender should not decide anything for you. It does not define you. You have the power to control and guide your own life based on what you want, not on what other people expect from you. It is very important to love, accept, and embrace your true self. You have to believe in yourself, and no matter how difficult a situation may be, never ever lose hope.

Simplifying skincare; brilliant. How did you end up landing on a marine-inspired line?

Because the sea is the source of many ingredients to protect, revitalize, and take care of our skin. There are many benefits of using marine ingredients; they have powerful hydrating, healing and defensive properties.

Our highly-concentrated formulas contain marine ingredients (ANTARCTICINE, HYANIFY™, BRIGHLETTE, EYEDELINE™, HYADISINE®) which hydrate and plump the skin, increasing the elasticity and smoothing wrinkles almost instantly.

The nutricosmetic contains Marine (Fish) Collagen, known to have the best absorption rate among animal collagens, due to their smaller particle sizes. Potential skin care benefits of fish collagen include better moisture retention, improved smoothness, increased elasticity, and prevention of wrinkle formation.

The three-minute/five-step concept is super appealing/marketable. Was this concept tricky to make a reality?

Not really. My objective was to create a very effective skin care routine, with innovative and high-quality products, but practical and easy to use. I designed A Complete for women who live their life to the fullest. It was very important for me that this routine was in tune with the busy and active life styles of women today.

I was so tired of long, super expensive and complicated skincare routines that involved at least half an hour and more than 10 products: one for the day, other for the night, one that had to be 15 minutes in your face for better results… All that is not really necessary if you use the correct ingredients and highly concentrated formulas.

The truth is that women today have a very busy schedule and many activities to accomplish in one day. The last thing they want is a problematic skin care routine.

What skin "sins" have you committed (way back when, of course!)?

Once, I used hemorrhoid cream in a desperate attempt to reduce my eye bags. Now, I use the Youth Preserve Eye Contour Cream.

Tell us about your day-to-day beauty routine.

There are 5 basic steps in my day-to-day beauty routine...

1. When I wake up and before having breakfast, I drink a cup of lukewarm water with the juice of half a lemon. This flushes out toxins, purifies your body, accelerates your metabolism, is an excellent source of vitamin C, and is extremely beneficial for your skin.

2. I do at least 30 minutes of cardio daily, and then another type of resistance exercise like yoga or lifting weights.

3. Every morning and every night, I pamper myself with the Youth Preserve Routine.

4. I eat healthy, and sleep well. A lot of fruits and vegetables with at least 7 hours of sleep is like a magical formula.

5. I am happy and surrounded by love. I think this is the most important part of my day-to-day beauty routine. I am convinced that true beauty is the one that comes from within. External beauty is only a reflection of our inner light. So, my beauty secret is enjoying every single moment, no matter how simple it might seem; feeling comfortable walking in my own shoes; and learning from each experience, even if it is painful or difficult to overcome. I am able to feel love in its purest form, and I am ready to share it with the world.

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