A Hypothetical Hairstyle Hunt

A Hypothetical Hairstyle Hunt

Let's take a minute to internally thank YouTube and Instagram for providing us with non-stop hair help. Their existence makes it about 10000 times easier to have great-looking hair 24/7.

If you get bored of your hair (pretty much me at least once a week), just search #hairstyles and you’ll see more hairstyles than you can try in your entire lifetime.

Honestly, that’s the thing I love the most about this internet age; whether you’re looking for an updo or new color, you can almost always find a tutorial to do just about everything.

Here are the top four hairstyles I'm toying with trying out, straight from a few Instagrammers/my new hair idols.

1. @morganlovelyhair

Is this updo not perfection? I love how @morganlovelyhair (real name Morgan Innis, who is the master stylist at the Queen Street Civello salon) created this AMAZING and soft updo for the Canadian Screen Awards.

Even though she’s busy doing the hair of the best and brightest Canadians, I think I could get her to do my hair? Maybe? Like, in my dreams, at least?

I will most definitely be trying my best to emulate this at my next formal event, or maybe even date night.

2. @HairbyGimena

This shot was posted by @hairbygimena (Gimena Salvatore) and, honestly, I’m not entirely sure whether I love the hairstyle or the hair color more.

I am obsessed with the denim-hair trend. Seriously, who knew that going denim would look so cool?

Not to mention, the amazing rope and lace braiding that is in play here. I think I’ll try the hairstyle on a night out when I’m going for more of an edgy look. As for the denim hair, I’ll most definitely be trying that within the decade. 

3. hellohappyhair

This snap posted by @hellohappyhair features a hairstyle that is equal parts breezy and pretty. And, really, want more could one want in a cute, easy-to-do hair look? Nothing, I'd say!

3. something_knottie

🐠Posting this twisted half up fishtail again because it's just so pretty!!💕💕💕🎀

A photo posted by Something_Knottie (@something_knottie) on

I am 100% sure that this half-updo is going to become my go-to hairstyle this summer. Super into the mini-fishtail braid.

On a related note, stumbling upon @something_knottie's work has reignited my obsession with atypical braids. She always finds new ways to incorporate them into her work. So give her stuff a peek. Also, how adorable is her Insta handle? I can't even deal.

Okay, I know this was supposed to be a HYPOTHETICAL hair hunt, but I'm really going to be trying all of these out sooner than later. Feel free to join me!


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