A-Line Bobs I'm Making A Beeline For

A-Line Bobs I'm Making A Beeline For

As a woman who is devoted to cultivating long luscious locks and who slavishly invests in deep conditioners, hair growth supplements and other admittedly high-maintenance rituals (silk pillowcases, anyone?), I can’t help but admire and obsess over the chic, low-maintenance magic of the "lob".

So, join me as I show you the best lobs Instagram has to offer while also dishing about why they’re giving me minor heart palpitations of envy.

1. @hairbyalicron

This rich platinum blonde color (done by Hair By Ali Cron) is so epic it makes me think of small Scandinavian children with soft unspoilt hair that has never been altered by human hands. Like, I’m having trouble breathing because it’s so perfect. The messy texture and effortless waves bring it home.

2. @lexilooloveshair

They say every blonde needs a brunette best friend, so it only seemed fair to find the brunette counterpart to the blonde bob that preceded it.

According to Lexi, this rich mahogany is her client’s natural hair color, which just goes to show that life is unfair and that the most beautiful things are created by nature. 

3. @doseofblonde

• p u r p l e s m o k e • #doseofblonse • • 📸 c/o @hair.by.braid

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This stick-straight ombre purple and silver hued bob is everything the previous two are not, which is why I’m obsessed with it.  The unique color paired with sleek styling makes for a major statement. 

4. @dmillerhairlounge

Shattered A-line bob by Crystal. Follow her @hairbycrystyleriva

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I’m enamored with this flawlessly fiery color and I love the dramatic angle and length differential between the front and the back. 

5. @thiagofotografiaebeleza


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One of these things is not like the other...While this bob may be ever-so-slightly less "polished" than the others included in this lineup, I am beyond into the retro vibe that is played up by the way the stylist tucked the ends under, as well as the contrast with the thoroughly modern punk-rock color.  

Okay, I'm off to the hair stylist. Maybe.

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