A Love Letter To Jolie de Vogue

A Love Letter To Jolie de Vogue

Dear Jolie de Vogue

Okay, so maybe I won’t write an actual love letter to THEM. But you’re here to read my ramblings about my favorite nail polish, right? I’ll do my best to tell you all about it without sounding like a crazy fan (even though that’s exactly what I am).

The first thing you should know is that I have a pretty big collection of nail polish. Glitter, shimmery, holos, metallics, even some that change colors with sunlight; I own them all. I thought I had every color in the spectrum until I found Cloudy and Star Shell by Jolie de Vogue.


If you haven't heard of Jolie de Vogue just yet, no worries—I'm about to tell you all about them. They are a Colombian cosmetic brand (one of the biggest in the country actually).

While they started out primarily in the nail polish business, they have since began making everything from lipsticks and lip liners to mascaras, eyeshadows and eye pencils. And much more.

I can’t quite remember if I owned any other Jolie de Vogue nail polishes prior to acquiring these two gems, but from the moment when I first laid eyes on them on the drugstore counter, it felt like this beauty union was meant to be. The colors were so unique that I was certain that I didn't have any similar shades in my vast collection.

Star Shell is a nude shade that I was hesitant about at first, since I didn’t know how it would look with my very pale skin tone. When I applied it though, I knew I had nothing to worry about. It’s a subtle yet elegant color, perfect for any occasion.

Cloudy, on the other hand, is a gorgeous grey shade with some lavender undertones. It can actually look more grey or more lavender depending on the lighting.

Both these shades look beautiful with a regular shiny topcoat, but my favorite way of wearing them is with a matte topcoat. I’ve just really been into mattifying my nail polish lately (Editor's Note: Mariana is going to be pumped to read Sophia's next piece!) I think it makes them look smoother and makes the color stand out even more.

These beauties are also highly-pigmented and have a quick dry formula, perfect for those of us with no trace of patience in our bones.

As far as I know, you can’t find Jolie de Vogue products outside of Colombia, but if you ever find yourself visiting my beautiful country, I highly recommend you get your hands on these precious shades of nail polish.

That being said, Cloudy and Star Shell, I love you.

Yours sincerely,


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