A Spectrum Of Superb Blue Hair Colors

A Spectrum Of Superb Blue Hair Colors

As summer swirls around us, we are lucky enough to be able to propoerly appreciate the many amazing beauty trends of the season (you know, like my go-to summer nails).

Now, it’s time to jump into one of my favorite colors ever—blue! This color is stunning in all forms; dark, deep and light blue. The color tone options are endless.

While I do love this color on my nails, I also adore it on hair. Check out some blue hair styles I am eyeing on Instagram.

1. @soloparamunecas

On the lighter side of the blue color scheme is this pale blue-ish green hair tone by Solo Para Muñecas. I love that this is both low-key and out-of-the-box  It’s unique without being too unique. This blue is ideal for those testing out the “lighter” waters of blue hair. 

2. @nastynapalm

Moving onto a darker blue (on the lovely Papananaama), this is what I would call a “royal blue,” or a “traditional blue.” This color is intense!

Because of the boldness of this color, the short bob complements the color well. Less is more, I'd say. Also, the root hue situation here is fantastic; it transitions from a very deep blue-ish black to the other blue shade wonderfully. 

So, in conclusion, I respectfully disagree with Sini's assessment that this doesn't look good on her. In fact, I think it looks fabulous. 

3. @kaitmariehair

Got them Monday BLUES 👖 #kaitmariehair

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Lastly, we have a very rich, almost ocean-esque color by Kait Marie. This is super multi-dimensional somehow. The blue makes a statement and is rather eye-catching while still being very much "wearable" on a day-to-day basis.

Oh and the length and the cut are also perfect, right?!

If you join the blue hair crew, be sure to show me on Instagram!

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#FollowFriday: BeautyByNush

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