A Very Rainbow Roundup: Multi-Hued Highlighter Looks

A Very Rainbow Roundup: Multi-Hued Highlighter Looks

Highlighter is one of my favorite products because it mega ups your face game. It’s such a versatile product that gives you a radiant look (and feeling). What’s not to love?

Sounds like it can’t get any better, though, right? Wrong! It can (and trust me, it’s way cool). Rainbow highlighter is the new trend that’s sweeping Instagram. This is a new level of color and glow. So amazing.

Check out some of my favorite looks for inspiration!

1. @beatbykirsten

There's a rainbow on my face 🌈 #rainbow #rainbowhighlight #unicornrealness #slay #makeup #roygbiv

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Kirsten has a fabulous look going on here. A stripe of rainbow highlighter on her cheek bone gives her a subtle pop of color that looks unique and eye-catching, while blending in well with her face. The light hits it really well and you can see all the colors.

2 @vivabellabyxtina

Christina shows us just how versatile rainbow highlighter is. It’s beautiful on any skin tone. It has a very healthy look to it, like you’re being hit by the sun. The pop of red lipstick she’s wearing pulls the look together by balancing out the colors.

3. @annaocasarin

This super stylish star has pulled off a more dramatic look with rainbow highlighter. The thick wings and bright pink lipstick add a fun flair to her look. If you want something a little more fun, this is a great way to twist up your look.

4. @namji_nlee

Nicole elevates a beautiful brown eyeshadow with just a swipe of rainbow highlighter on her cheekbone. It gives a touch of pizzazz to a casual, everyday look. The best part is, you don’t have to color coordinate your makeup to your clothes because a rainbow has all the colors!

Rainbow highlighter can be a really easy way of transforming your look, which is why you should do like Miranda and DIY it.

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