Above & Beyond: Honey Bath & Body's Carolyn Player Phillips

Above & Beyond: Honey Bath & Body's Carolyn Player Phillips

Shriya recently had nothing but good things to say about Honey Bath And Body so we knew that the beauty brand's founder Carolyn Player would be the perfect person to plump for skincare tips—and for inspiration on business matters.

How did you decide on the name "Honey Bath And Body"?

I arrived on the name Honey Bath & Body because, at the time, the few products I had contained honey.  

Honey is a known healer, soother, and a holy anointer, often used in religious ceremonies. I wanted the products to have something big to live up to. I wanted my honeybees to feel covered by something really special.  

"Bath and Body" are, of course, the products themselves. "Embracing The Spirit Of Honey" is the tag line I use to get people to slow down and breath in when applying the products. To feel the energy that comes from the contents. I put a lot of love into every item I make.

I don't make products unless my energy is right and I feel balanced because I know that energy transfers to and through people. 

Do you have any stories about product experiments gone wrong?

I wish I did , but I don't actually!

Did something specifically inspire you to launch Honey Bath And Body?

My inspiration was rooted in being able to stay available for my children. I needed to know what was going on with them and not to ever be too far away. They are only this age once and I needed to be present for it all.

I have six children, and when I began this business they were all home with me, so there was a lot going on.

This was the catalyst, but more than that I pressed on because my son was just beginning his bout with acne. I know that children can be really mean, so I researched oils, butters and things to fight acne before it got started. Success met us. 

Having multiple children means multiple skin types.  I didn't want to be fooled by commercial product promises, so I made my own.  

I make butters because mine contain no water. I make lip balm because, well, why not? I made scrubs because you need to exfoliate to see the brightness emerge. And body oils because it is lighter then butter.  Making these things myself ensures that I know what I know about them. 

In your wildest dreams, what is your brand's reputation across the beauty realm?

My wildest dream? Across the board, I'd like to be known for consistency, integrity and putting that extra special touch on my products that my honeybees can feel. I want to earn customer loyalty.  I want to be a business that always feel intimate and true. 

The cherry-on-top is going to be my honesty. I'd love to be able to have a business that is environmentally sustainable and allows me to make a living.

This business is my launching point for my next level of spreadability.  I want to use this as a platform to have a non-for-profit that liberates women from abusive relationships.  I have a community garden adjacent to my home, from this garden will come the growth of new mothers. Mothers that will be better-educated so they can make better decisions about relationships.

I will give them the education to become financially-capable of caring for themselves and their families. Not to exclude anyone (i.e. fathers), but knowing you have the power of the gavel makes a difference.  A difference in how the mothers will raise their children.  You know, being able to actually leave a legacy.  


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