All Millennial Pink Everything: Makeup, Nails & More

All Millennial Pink Everything: Makeup, Nails & More

Millennial pink is a “new” fun neutral. Home decor, clothing, accessories and cosmetics...millennial pink is EVERYWHERE these days. And it can be paired with anything.

Personally, I adore the color. I think that it's super cute, but still very subtle and not too in-your-face. It's (almost) never too much.

Here are some products and ideas for adding millennial pink to your beauty collection.


This stunning shade is Curlfriend by The Lip Bar and it is so lovely. A millennial pink lip color is probably the best way to make a statement. The shade is super flattering and perfect for those demure daytime looks. You can pair it with a little or a lot of eye makeup and it will look equally glamorous.


Pink shimmery eyeshadows are my latest fixation. They’re so easy to just sweep on the lid and you're left with a va-va-voom end-result, just like that. I’ve really been loving the pinks that are on the top row of my Jaclyn Hill Palette!

But, if you don’t want to invest in an entire palette, you can also take a look at their fabulous single shadow, Rosey Posey.


Adrienne K 's  Tease   ($12.99)

Adrienne K's Tease ($12.99)

Tease” by Adrienne K is perfect for elegant-looking nails pink nails, especially if you're trying to keep it low-key (maybe for a job interview). This color lets you be super chic, without being too loud. Pair this nail color with some dainty gold rings! 


That’s right millennials, congratulations are in order. You have officially made pink hair a totally acceptable thing, appropriate for everyday—even the office. This absolutely delightful color is proof that pink can be a subtlety gorgeous way of adding a pop of color and dimension to blonde hair. Plus, it's not a forever hue!

So what do you think about this millennial pink trend? Are you on the bubblegum bandwagon or maybe a little hesitant about covering your life in a poof of pale blush? I’d love to know!

#FollowFriday: Reya Akthar

#FollowFriday: Reya Akthar

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