An Imaginary Splurge Session: 5 Scents Topping My Wishlist

An Imaginary Splurge Session: 5 Scents Topping My Wishlist

Long gone are the days I could go into a Limited Too (R.I.P), buy some cute JLo-marked rollerball “perfume” with a sickly sweet candy scent for ten bucks and stroll out feeling all fabulous.

My go-to scent is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It smells sweet and subtle and down to earth, at a pretty decent price. But if I could splurge…

1. Prada Infusion D’iris Perfume

Prada   Infusion D’iris Perfume   (price varies by retailer)

Prada Infusion D’iris Perfume (price varies by retailer)

This is my latest perfume obsession. A whopping $160. But even broke college girls have to have dream right?…I just love how earthy and unique this perfume is.

When you think of flowers for perfumes, you probably think of lavender, rose, gardenia, etc.; you rarely think of "iris". It has subtle scents of flowers, and has some woodsy tones that I adore.

I know when it comes to Prada fragrances, Candy is usually the way to go, but I just think this one is an underrated prize.


Tom Ford   BLACK ORCHID   ($122  for 50 ML)

Tom Ford BLACK ORCHID ($122 for 50 ML)

If I ever got my hands on this one, I could actually die in peace. This, in my opinion, is one of the most perfect perfumes. I’m getting tired of all these generic flowery scents. I like something with some dark notes and this is the kind of perfume that would make you feel so luxe and glamorous.

3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Buuuuut, I’d say everyone does need a nice, light, flirty perfume. Maybe for more casual dinners or bougie Sunday brunches? Chanel has a fragrance called Coco Mademoiselle that is the sweet girly fragrance of my dreams.

This whole perfume is just so well put together. The perfume itself is a pale pink and the bottle has a classic look that’d be so nice to display on my vanity…I can already imagine it now.

4. Chanel Coco Noir

Chanel   Coco Noir   ($130 for 3.4 FL. OZ.)

Chanel Coco Noir ($130 for 3.4 FL. OZ.)

This is the kind of perfume I imagine is worn by successful businesswomen who have perfectly tailored clothes, no lipstick on their teeth and never come into work with a hangover. It’s for the modern, sophisticated woman and I would like to feel that fancy one day in my life. It has a dark floral scent and is really vibey. I’m just very attracted to the ambiance of this perfume. But I’ve heard it doesn’t last very long, unfortunately!

5. Atelier Cologne Clémentine California

I find citrusy scents and earthy fragrances, like sandalwood, very nostalgic and comforting. And I discovered my perfect combination of “home” in this  quirky perfume that smells like sunshine.

It’s so fresh and does remind you of California. It’s actually just magical, like they really got it right; all the best fragrances and undertones composed in the perfect ratios to create a fun, light perfume, great for both men and women.

Make it happen. Or just come and talk to me about it on Twitter and Instagram.

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