Beauty Assignment: Melissa Watson-"Summertime"

Beauty Assignment: Melissa Watson-"Summertime"

Melissa Watson is a master at expertly adorning fingertips. Since we so enjoy issuing beauty challenges to talented tinkerers, we tasked Melissa with creating a "Summertime" nail look. Go ahead and take a peek at the end result.

Feel like replicating this hyper-pretty nail look? Same, which is why we asked Melissa for a do-it-yourself guide. Here it is:

For my summer time brief, the first thing that came to mind was the warm summer days and the beautiful sunsets we are so blessed to witness. Rich yellows, pinks and reds, even purples. I wanted to incorporate that feeling into my design without being too literal. A trend in the nail industry that is fast arriving is watercolor and it is something that I love doing so incredibly much. It's a fun technique and you don't have to be Picasso to achieve an amazing set of digits!

I typically use gel polish for watercolor designs, but you can also use alcohol inks, although, it can be messy and can stain the surrounding skin.

Step One: For the base coat, I used a pastel mandarin color from Artistic Nail Design called Alluring.

Artistic Nail Design   Alluring   (price varies by retailer)

Artistic Nail Design Alluring (price varies by retailer)

I used three coats of this color, curing in my AND LED lamp for 30 seconds in between layers.

On my glass pallet I put three drops each of the following AND colors, ready to be applied for the watercolor effect:

Hype (03062) - a fluorescent orange,
Devils Wears Nada (03173) - a bright Barbie pink,
Baby Cakes (2100017) - a fluorescent pastel pink.

Step Two: I then applied a gloss top coat on top of the orange hue that had already been cured and did not cure this top coat. Instead, I used dotting tool to pick up the other aforementioned colors and place in the uncured gloss coat, in a random arrangement.

Next, I played around with these until they began to emulsify and blend together.

Step Three: Once happy with the overall aesthetic, I cured for 30 seconds under the LED lamp before adding another layer of the gloss coat to cap the design and curing for another 30 seconds. After that, I wiped off the sticky inhibition layer. And presto, we're done!

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