Beauty Buy Brag: A Look At A Pile Of Products I Bought

Beauty Buy Brag: A Look At A Pile Of Products I Bought

It's no secret that I love shopping. Clothes, makeup, accessories, books, music, even video games sometimes; you name it; I definitely love it more than my wallet should allow me to.

And thanks to the beauty that is online shopping, there are a whole world of stores out there that I can access with just one click.

Well, ever since last October I've been doing a lot of that clicking, as I took advantage of all the Black Friday deals and rightfully spent my birthday and Christmas money.

All the cool stuff I got was waiting patiently for me to ship it over and, you guessed it, it's finally here! 

Let's start with makeup brushes. Last year a friend of mine got me a few of the Wet n Wild brushes which I highly recommend because they're super cute, great quality and extremely affordable! Seriously, these guys range from $0.99 to $2.99 a piece.

Anyway, back in early November, the company had a deal which included 3 of the brushes for free with any purchase. It turns out that the ones they were offering were the ones I needed to complete my set.

All I had to do was purchase one of their liquid liners (which I was also in need of) for $0.99 and I got my brushes! Best deal ever, am I right? Remember my resolution of wanting to own a complete brush set? Well, that's pretty much completed now. 

ColourPop also had a deal to promote their brand new brushes, a blending brush and a shader brush. They’d give you both brushes with the purchase of four shadows.

Mind you, this was also my first time purchasing ColourPop shadows so it was double the excitement for me. Now I haven't had time to actually use the brushes but boy, are they pretty.

You can check them out by going to their Instagram page, but they have a gorgeous metal rose gold and pastel pink handle that I'm just obsessed with. What can I say, pretty makeup brushes make me happy. 

Cat Nap 💓💓 @bakeandglow

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Also from ColourPop, I received a birthday gift from my best friend. She got me the shadows in Puppy Love and Cat Nap. For those of you who don't know, all proceeds for these shades go to the Best Friends Animal Society.

So by buying these guys, you're not only getting super cute makeup but also saving puppies and kitties! My friend also got me two of the ultra glossy lips in Crystal Ball, which is a dark emerald green and Fluff, a cool light grey. And last but not least, she got me the ultra metallic lip in Zebra, which is a rose bronze.

As for the shadows, I got them in the shades Liberty, Coconut, Dance Party and Mixed Tape

But speaking of shadows, the item I was most excited about in this package was the one I'd been wanting the longest (Isabella had her eye on it too)...the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills.

I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have it in my collection. I'm sure you've all seen the shades already, whether you own the palette yourself or you've just seen pictures on the internet. If your case is the latter, let me tell you they look even more beautiful in person. And I'm ABSOLUTELY also a fan of the fuzzy, pink packaging. 

Alright, that's the end of that, but it doesn't mean it's over! Stay tuned for part two! 

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