Beauty Dip:  11/12-11/19

Beauty Dip: 11/12-11/19

Happy Saturday, lovelies! Guess what? Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is only 35 days away! Take a minute away from your shopping lists and skim this week’s roundup of top beauty news!

Cosmopolitan has you covered for the holidays with these three makeup looks and where to wear them!

ICYMI: Kylie Jenner’s new holiday makeup line has actual diamond powder in every product—but according to Seventeenyou can still afford it!

Hillary Clinton wore little makeup for an event and people are losing their minds. Idiotic. Get the low-down via Indy100 (who incidentally also have a terrific write-up on model Khoudia Diop).

French beauty has evolved. Here's how, from

Black Friday prep for days. Glamour's Lipstick has a piece that will speed up your beauty product rush and help you figure out exactly what you want.

As you prepare for stressful travel plans this season, take a breather because The Huffington Post can help you control your hair during those layover dashes!

Until next week!

La Reina Rebelde: Regina Merson

La Reina Rebelde: Regina Merson

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