Beauty Dip: 5/12-5/19

Beauty Dip: 5/12-5/19

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Happy Saturday, beauties! Plenty going on this week, so jump right into these beauty news highlights!

Several beauty brands recently came together to support human trafficking victims with deluxe self-esteem, art and beauty workshops, via The Root's The Glow Up

Get set for the summer with these melanin-enriching beauty oils, from Essence.

YouTube made me do it? Is that an acceptable excuse now? I’ll take it. Check out New York Magazine's/The Strategist's “7 Beauty Products I’m Glad YouTube Made Me Buy.”

Really, I need Target to stop rolling out amazing collabs because they’re single-handedly eating my paychecks. This time, it’s a Disney beauty line (not for kids!) COMPLETELY UNDER $8. HelloGiggles has the full story, and they’re just as hyped as I am.

Three models reflect on Asian representation via Allure.

Total Beauty rounds up holographic lip glosses.

Summer means low-key makeup, since there is a high chance it’ll melt off your face at midday! Cosmopolitan has 7 looks perfect for the high temps.

HuffPost with the best sunscreen to wear under your makeup.

The DL on lash shampoo, is it worth the splurge? Glamour’s Marci Robin says YES.

Glitter up your booty, Your EDM says.

Everything you need to know about ingestible collagen from Fashionista.

Whew, if that read exhausted you, you can come visit us on Insta or Twitter and either read good stories or look at pretty pictures. The choice is yours! Have a marvelous weekend!

Potion Power: Violet Botanical Skincare's Robbin Turner

Potion Power: Violet Botanical Skincare's Robbin Turner

Look Of The Week: Blue Halo

Look Of The Week: Blue Halo