Beauty Dip:  9/30-10/7

Beauty Dip: 9/30-10/7

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Happy Saturday, loves! Sending our love to Vegas this week. Here’s the news from the beauty world this week that was somewhat buried in the chaos.

Nose hair extensions. I can’t anymore. POPSUGAR can’t either.

Being back in the fall routine means more early mornings for school and work. Don't miss this Cosmo editor’s perfect morning skincare routine.

Unicorns, out. Vampires, in. Apparently. Vampire breast lifts? Not feeling it. New York Post has all the gory details about the latest craze.

Rihanna applauds fan who destroyed Fenty Beauty makeup? Via Oxygen.  

I 110% ADORE the newest galaxy makeup trend going around. I just wish I had half the skill required to make it magical. My Modern Met can tell you more.

The Telegraph on why you should not ignore fake lipstick warnings.

Insider discusses the fact that people verbally attacked a model for daring to bare her unshaven legs. Ugh. 

Let's all agree to sit out the "negative space" eyebrows. Please? Get scoop on this trend from Metro.

Need some eyeshadow tips? SELF has 'em.

That’s about it, loves, keep on keeping on! And come back to us via Instagram or Twitter!

Guiding Light: TheEveryRose's Kayleigh Jackson

Guiding Light: TheEveryRose's Kayleigh Jackson

#FollowFriday: Shweta Das

#FollowFriday: Shweta Das