Beauty Resolutions: 10 Skincare Goals To Aim For In 2017

Beauty Resolutions: 10 Skincare Goals To Aim For In 2017

While the focusing is pretty heavily on the holidays right now, 2017 is still fast approaching. 2016 was an awakening year for me, especially in regards to realizing how important actually taking care of my skin is. 

To help us all climb upwards to new levels of skin health, I have come up with ten skincare goals.

1. Use Face Strips & Masks

I just started using nose strips but I wish I did so sooner! Nothing feels better then seeing all the gunk that was pulled out from pores. And there are so many face masks options out there. meaning that you can find one perfectly suited to your skin type and needs.


Please, please, please do this. I'll be so proud of you!

3. Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

Sorry, but the occasional scrubbing session just isn't going to cut it. To prevent breakouts, wash with a mild soap or makeup brush cleanser before heavy buildup on brushes. Or take some cleaning cues from Nila and let your kitchenware do the work for you.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Easier said than done, I'll admit. But limit late nights and caffeine-laden beverages and strive to rest well and often.

5. Wash Your Pillowcases

It is so important to wash you pillow cases! A majority or all of your face is rubbing against your pillowcases. I would recommend doing this once a week minimum to get rid of any excess germs, oils or makeup.

6. Put A Stop To Face Picking

It can be super tempting to pick at pimples and blemishes, but you must resist! You don't want to end up with scarring or an infection. Right? Right.

7. Moisturize

Keep your skin hydrated by finding and (and then frequently applying) a moisturizer that is geared for your skin type.  

8. Press Pause On The Makeup

Even if you just don't go all out and opt for a lighter-handed application every few days, you can give your skin a little break.

9. Eat Well

You are what you eat. Clichés aside, you really can't fake a glowing look for long if you're eating poorly and skipping dishes that include vitamin and mineral-packed foods.

10. Research Products Beforehand

Dishing up beauty advice is kind of my wheelhouse, but I truly believe that everyone should do their own poking around prior to picking up any product, rave reviews or not. 

We are in this together! Let's do it, lovelies!

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