Behind-The-Scenes With Beauty Brand Builder Sally-Anne Stevens

Behind-The-Scenes With Beauty Brand Builder Sally-Anne Stevens

Though you may have never heard of Sally-Anne Stevens before this moment, you have almost certainly come across one of the many, many beauty, lifestyle and fashion brands that her PR firm B Public Relations represents.

And because we never tire of discussing beauty industry topics with beauty industry experts, we reached out to Sally-Anne in order to get her two cents on everything from what sparked her desire to work in the beauty industry to her skincare routine.


What is it about beauty that inspired you to focus on this arena in your career?

My mother was always a beauty junkie. Growing up surrounded by the latest products, she taught me from an early age the importance of the science behind beauty. I started my early career in fashion PR and after three years I moved across to beauty PR.

I was instantly in love with the industry and all of its aspects; package design, new product development (NPD), technology and science, efficacy and integrity of products and also the fun side with color product. I practically live in Space NK and the beauty halls! 

Your company has been collecting clients left and right recently. This must lead to a pretty hectic day-to-day workload for you. How do you keep sane and manage stress?

We are incredibly busy at B Public Relations—we have grown the agency by 20% in the past six months! We've added to our team too so there are lots of new faces which is great and always brings fresh energy to the agency. The team is most important to me and we are one big family, a healthy work culture is one of my top priorities.

Staff retention and happiness means I have an incredibly strong agency which leads to a far more happy environment. Happy clients means less stress for all. On those very stressful days I take a time-out and do yoga, meditate or go for a walk with my kids. I have a four-year-old son and five-month-old daughter. The unconditional love and fun that kids give is fantastic for re-balancing energy levels.

I also try to get away every month for a night to a spa or country house. I recently stayed at Cliveden House, breathing in the fresh country air and hanging out in the spa is good for the soul! Plus, I use the Mindfulness Daily app, which reminds me to pause and reflect throughout the day.  

What’s your daily beauty routine like? 

I use Starskin's Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff to slough away the dead cells. It reveals smoother radiant skin instantly.

I'm a total Starskin addict; we launched them in the UK last year and they have quickly become an editor favorite. I use their face, foot and hand masks regularly too which really do hydrate, tighten and reveal younger-looking skin. 

I also recently switched my skincare to Aurelia, I use their cleanser along with La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Toner and Aurelia's day and night creams. I worked with Temple Spa back in 2003 and have used their Exalt décolleté cream ever since, it's amazing!

I then use Vichy's lash serum and LiLash's lash serum. I go to Charles Worthington for hair, I always see Jess, she is incredible and recently transformed me from a 'dirty' blonde to a 'clean' blonde. I don't know what I did before I met Jess, she is a blonde's dream! I see my massage therapist weekly, Alina, she's a petite physio with the strength of ten men. It isn't a relaxing massage but she manages to keep me supple, pain-free and moves those cheeky toxins out.

I see my personal trainer Soraya every morning before work and visit Jill Zander Salon in Esher a few times a month for facials and other beauty treatments. 

What a wealth of information, right?! The woman definitely knows her stuff, which is why you should do what we did and follow her on Twitter and Instagram immediately. 

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