Blossom Blushes: Why Not?

Blossom Blushes: Why Not?

When you see a flower blush, you’ll know immediately thanks to its fabulously flowery design. Essentially, flower blushes are powders that start off as a powder and during application turn into a creamy substance. They’re the ideal replacement for cream-based and powder-based products.

Here are a few flower blush products that you should consider adding to your makeup bag because they’re just that fantastic.

1. Clinique Cheek Pop™

Clinique   Cheek Pop™    ($23.00)

This comes in a myriad of colors including shades like "Black Honey Pop" and "Fig Pop", so you have many options to choose from. This product is super simple to apply, just a gentle stroke along the cheekbones and along the forehead and hairline (if that's how you roll). This provides long-lasting results and you don’t have to worry about powder residue getting in the way throughout the day or having an allergic reaction.

2. G4EBeauty's Cherry Blossom Flower Blush


This is a combination of a highlighter, bronzer AND blush. It’s a flower blush from G4E Beauty, meaning that it is made in the US and that is cruelty-free and gluten-free.

Not only does the design have a lovely pattern, but its mixture of colors is alsoreflective of its multi-purpose use as a highlighter, bronzer and blush. Along with a small mirror for on-the-go application, it’s the perfect addition to your makeup kit.

3. BH CosmeticsFloral Blush - Duo Cheek Color

This not only comes with its own petal design, but it also allows for TWO complementary shades of blush. One shade provides a bright color to the cheeks, while the second and deeper shade allows for more intensity.

Current colors include pink, berry, coral and bronze. What really stands out to me is this beauty buy's ability to combine two shades to create a unique facial glow. An added plus is that it’s also vegan and paraben-free.

All in all, flower blushes are a lightweight solution for adding color to your cheekbones and providing a healthy glow to your complexion. They’re versatile in that you don’t have to have foundation to don it; bare skin will fare just as well.

Not to mention it’s a dream to apply—super smooth you can use a brush or your own fingers, and depending on the level of intensity and glow you want to exude, you can apply as much as you like.

Bye for now, lovelies!

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