Bounce Baby Bounce: The Bitingly Brilliant + Beautiful DJ Kalkutta

Bounce Baby Bounce: The Bitingly Brilliant + Beautiful DJ Kalkutta

DJ Kalkutta is a NY-based deejay who is well-known for her catchy beats and her songwriting prowess. With a vibrant, vivid aesthetic and a fine-tuned sense of style, this woman is poised for worldwide domination any day now. 

We were lucky enough to be able to have a quick chat with her. Be warned; she is as witty and clever as she is talented. Be very jealous.


What first led you to pursue a career in music?

Honestly, I don't remember not wanting to be an artist. I legit thought I was going to be the 6th Spice Girl ("Curry Spice") when I grew up and I still do.

In addition to that, I appear to have no tangible skills outside of making and playing songs so it was either this or marrying a billionaire with a chronic illness. I like to think I chose the road less traveled.

You have a very distinctive musical style!  Does this translate into your personal beauty look at all?

I have never thought about it like this, but I suppose it does! I'm a fan of all things bright, quirky and fun; all fair words to describe both my musical taste and personal look, I think! 

What is the number one beauty lesson you have ever learned?

No matter how tired (or LIT) you are, take off your makeup and moisturize your face at night—both your pillow and your skin will thank you!

Would you rather rock red or some over-the-top-color lips?

I love ridiculous lip colors. Red's been done to death. Gwen Stefani should just trademark it at this point and let people move on. 

Tell us what is next for you!

Man, I'm tempted to just send along all the music that I've been working on for the past year- both for myself and other artists! I am going to put out some stuff with my vocals on it for the first time in the very near future. On the deejaying front, I'm excited to have recently spun floats at both NY Pride and LA Pride.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I am pretty sure the upcoming Mariah Carey reality show/"docuseries" will be the legitimate end of me, so RIP me. Glad you were the last interview I ever gave. Stay blessed.


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