Bow Down To Regina Panzeca

Bow Down To Regina Panzeca

You probably don't know who Regina Panzeca is. But you really, really should. 

This crafty /makeup-maker/soap sculptress dazzles on the daily with her intricate, hand-made creations, which are scattered across the pages of her Soapopotamus, Little Cookie and Bad Bitch Cosmetics Etsy shops. Oh and be warned—even a perfunctory poke around any of these shops will have you reaching for your wallet in record time.

Blown away by Regina's oeuvre, we asked her to point us towards a few of her all-time most beloved pieces. Here they are.

The Sushi Soap Set

I really love this soap set because of how life-like I was able to get it after quite a bit of trial and error. I developed a unique scent for this set that would call to mind the beautiful aromatic fragrances you experience during a luxurious sushi dining experience, but while still making these scents palatble for the bath.  It remains my most popular item after many years in my shop. 

Momiji Kanzashi - Autumn Leaves

This is a personal favorite of mine primarily because of its origin. I was contacted by a lovely bride-to-be about a hair piece for her wedding. She communicated her desire to incorporate maple leaves and autumn colors into the design and we worked out a plan for this piece (which is actually the piece you see pictured above!). Just as I was about to send her a photo of the finalized piece, she got in touch with me in order to let me know that she had realized that in her culture (she is Chinese-American) the number four is considered unlucky. She asked whether it would be possible for me to rework this and to add an extra leaf to make it lucky. 
I happily obliged and was then left with this beautiful piece with four leaves and three bells for someone else (who isn't superstitious) to enjoy whenever they came along. This has been in demand enough over the years that I continue to keep it in stock.

Toya Mineral Eyeshadow

It is so hard to pick a favorite eye shadow! And it's even worse when you mix them yourself. I am particularly drawn to my Toya shadow because of how perfectly the end result of this lined up with what I had originally set out to make. I love candy colors and sparkle and this is the best of both.
Getting something to be high-pigment and pastel can be tricky and I thought the hint of peek-a-boo sparkles in pink was a nice touch. This is still one of my personal go-to colors for when I opt to wear a full face of makeup. 

Luperca Cologne

Vanilla is consistently one of the most popular fragrances in bath and beauty products. However I wanted to reinvent vanilla in a sense by making it simultaneously unisex, sensual, heady and evocative. 
I also had a long-gestating desire to reference the name of the mythological Wolf-Mother who found and suckled Romulus and Remus in Rome's foundation myth in the title of one of my products.
In my mind, these two ideas swirled perfectly into one. Building upon the warm, universally-appealing, timeless fragrance of vanilla, I added in notes of Mediterranean fig, damp earth and musk. I found that it transformed feminine vanilla into this deep, rich, woodsy scent that would appeal to anyone that adores rich, heady bouquets. I was really thrilled with how well the concept gelled so completely. 

Grand Sakura Kanzashi

This very delicate and sweet piece was one of the first larger-scale pieces I designed and executed. The first time I sold one was very early in my career and I was stunned and proud all at once.
Since that day, I've helped many, many different brides color coordinate this piece so that it matched perfectly with the decorations and themes of their big day.
It is such an honor to be able to craft an heirloom for people for their weddings. I also really like cherry blossoms and think the cascading petals at the bottom trailing off really worked well. 

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