Burgundy Bliss: 5 Products To Add To Your Autumn Beauty Arsenal

Burgundy Bliss: 5 Products To Add To Your Autumn Beauty Arsenal

Like quite a few of my fellow lovelierie ladies, fall is my favorite season. Browns, burnt oranges, olive, gold and especially burgundy are the unofficial hues of autumn.

Burgundy is such a gorgeous shade; it's deep, rich and oh-so-easy to incorporate into your makeup looks. Which is why I have rounded up some majorly amazing and super sweet products to pick up.

JD Glow Cosmetics Brickhouse Liquid Lipstick

The first product on my list is a beloved liquid lipstick! For the past year’s liquid lipstick has been a new craze. Every makeup brand you can think of has one! No joke.

This beauty is from JD Glow Cosmetics, which was established in 2015 by two best friends from Louisiana. Their products are not tested on animals, is vegan is and are made in the US. 

Anywayyyy, I love this lipstick! It's creamy, dreamy and bold. Plus, it's hyper-moisturizing. Hear that, dry-lipped girls and guys?

True Fiction Cosmetics Twisted Cherry Matte Lipstick

I wasn’t planning on including a second lip product, but, after coming across this beautiful lipstick, I just couldn’t resist.

This very affordable, cruelty and paraben-free matte lipstick is a burgundy wine shade. Made with coconut oil, you can bet your bottom dollar that this stuff goes on smoothly.

Root Pretty Merlot Mineral Blush

Moving onto blush! This mineral blush (which is aptly-titled "Merlot") is completely pretty. The company behind it is based in Iowa and their "products are natural & safe for all skin types as well as Vegan & Gluten Free [and they] do not use any harsh toxins or artificial dyes in [their] products.”

This blush also has a slightly bronze sheen to it, which makes it look a little more natural.

Neve Cosmetics UFO Single Eyeshadow


This stunningly sheen-y shade is super pigmented and rich! Like the name sort-of suggests, it's otherworldly. Totally a fan of this.

CleanFacedCosmetics Cake Eyeliner/Mascara

Surprise! I meant it when I said that I am highlighting a few sweet products earlier; this burgundy filled pan is cake. I wasn’t quite sure what "cake" was either, but according to Clean Face Cosmetics, “before mascara was sold in tubes, it was sold in tins, in "cake" form…back when cake mascara/liner was used, women generally did not want the "falsie" look that many people go for today. They wanted some length, separation, and natural volume. This mascara/liner was made with these standards in mind.”

Well there you have it, that’s cake. This lovely-colored eyeliner and mascara is made with Castro oil to glide on easily while promoting natural hair growth. Unlike other cakes, you don’t need to add water. 

There you go!

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