Buzzy Brilliance: Brigitte Duong

Buzzy Brilliance: Brigitte Duong

Brigitte Duong clearly enjoys playing around with cosmetics and creativity. She is also marvelous at making mane magic happen. 

We wanted to know a bit more about her, so we had a little chat.


When did you first become enchanted with makeup?

I've been fascinated with makeup since I was a little girl. It started with the small things like the flavored lip balms, then it leveled up to tinted lip glosses/tinted lip balms and I kept on upgrading. But I wasn't always allowed to wear makeup so I wore the minimalistic things.

Are there any cosmetic trends that you are a little too cautious to try?

YES! There are some..but it doesn't hurt to try. Trends come and go and it never hurts to learn something new.

What are your least favorite beauty buys of all time?

I don't discriminate actually! I'm lucky enough to say that I like all my purchases. I am very careful with what I buy and invest in; I always try to research before I buy any beauty product. I do need to be more "money wise" with what I buy and not just splurge. Wish I had the money to not worry about it, but what can you do?

Can you tell us what is in your makeup bag?

Well...I have the basic stuff and if i'm on-the-go, I usually have foundation, nude lip liner, a couple of lip sticks, liquid lip sticks or mini lipsticks (the shade i'm wearing that day... or throw a couple in there for what what mood I'm in or look I'm going for for retouch/touch up), liquid eye liner with a felt tip, brow pomade and brow pencil. I also have a brush to do brows, a spoolie blush, highlighter, setting spray, makeup wipes, travel size toner, cotton rounds, a makeup sponge, some lashes—just in case I need them—ash glue, lip balm/vaseline, basic eyeshadow, some brushes, etc.

I usually don't bring all of this with me though, since I typically do my makeup before I leave the house.

Oh and if I'm feeling lazy, I just put on some light foundation, brows and eyeliner and/or mascara and a lip color, maybe some highlighter and go.

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