Chocolate Skincare Products, Rounded Up By Someone Who Loathes Chocolate

Chocolate Skincare Products, Rounded Up By Someone Who Loathes Chocolate

Truth be told, I don't like chocolate. Something about it is me. Maybe it's the texture?

I know I'm almost all alone here (I rarely meet other members of the metaphorical anti-chocolate club), but I will admit that, for whatever reason, I rarely will find myself falling in love with chocolate-scented products.

Weird, right?

Since Shadie has opened my eyes to many interestestingly-ingredient-including skincare beauty buys, à la peppermint, pistachio and seaweed, I decided to take a dive into the depths of chocolate skincare. are my top three picks.

1. 7th Heaven Beauty's Chocolate Mud Mask

7th Heaven Beauty 's  Chocolate Mud Mask   (price varies by retailer)

7th Heaven Beauty's Chocolate Mud Mask (price varies by retailer)

This mask boasts an array of eco-friendly qualities, it's hyper-moisturizing and even I, in all my cocoa-detesting glory, can admit that it smells incredible.

2. Christopher Courtney London's Anti-Oxidant Chocolate Face Cleanser

I generally stick to oil-cleansing—which Miranda explored a while back, in case you missed it—when it comes to washing my face, but I have been known to try out actual cleansers on occasion.

In addition to cocoa extract, this one has pumpkin and passionfruit seed oil, aloe vera, in addition to a bunch of other skin-boosting elements.

3. Inlight Beauty's Chocolate Face Mask

This 100% organic offering is a chocolate-orange-y extravaganza for your skin. It soothes and softens beautifully too.

Have any suggestions that you think could tempt me to even further to the chocolate side? Tell me all about 'em on Twitter or Instagram.

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