Cinnamon Hair: An Inspirational Roundup

Cinnamon Hair: An Inspirational Roundup

As the seasons change, we sometimes find ourselves having to change with them. It can be obvious things like our style of clothing and makeup, but on occasions we want to go one step further. See where I’m going with this? If you’ve been dying to do something different with your hair lately, I can totally relate.

And, inspired by the beauty that is autumn, I happen to know the perfect hair color to rock this season. You know, just in case you were unsure. So join me as I search through Instagram for some cinnamon hair inspiration!

1. @stephengarrison

First up, we have hair genius Stephen Garrison, showing off the gorgeous job he did with this cinnamon-red look. Notice how it makes her beautiful eyes really pop. It also looks super natural.

2. @reneespinale

I’m very much obsessed with this darker take on cinnamon hair from this uber-incredible hair stylist (whose work has to be seen to be believed). As someone with naturally dark brown hair, this is probably the kind of shade I’d try first if I were to go cinnamon.

3. @thehairinnsalon

Cinnamon berry swirl❣#thehairinnsalon #berryhair #cinnamonhair #b3 #b3brazilianbondbuilder #healthyhair

A photo posted by The Hair Inn Salon (@thehairinnsalon) on

If you don’t want to limit yourself to just cinnamon—and really, why should you?—add another flavor to it! I’d personally be up for a cinnamon-berry swirl, granted that it were done this beautifully.

4. @hdresseronfire

Hairdresser On Fire's Aimee shows us that there is an option out there for those of us who just aren't fully prepared to commit; black-to-cinnamon bayalage. Perfect!

5. @mzart03

And, last but not least, take a look at this super cute hue and 'do! It's fun, flirty and a little sophisticated. And I am really loving it!.

If you’re not fully convinced yet we can go talk about it over some cappuccinos. With a dash of cinnamon, please! Are you rocking fall-tastic hair this year? Make sure to show me through Twitter and Instagram

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