Cooler Than You: Alchemy Cosmetics' Barbara Alcazar + Christina Hiatt

Cooler Than You: Alchemy Cosmetics' Barbara Alcazar + Christina Hiatt

Sometimes in life you are lucky enough to stumble upon a line of cosmetics that elevate your makeup game to unthinkably high heights. And our discovery of Alchemy Cosmetics did just that. 

If you are not yet acquainted with this up-and-coming Bushwick, Brooklyn-based beauty brand, allow us to introduce you. 

Founded by hairstylists Barbara Alcazar and Christina Hiatt, this SUPER trendy company has been earning major metaphorical kudos all over the beauty industry ever since they launched their debut line. And it's not hard to figure out why people are so enchanted —both their matte lip colors and their luminescent glosses are to-die-for.

Intrigued, we decided to seek some beauty advice from Barbara and Christina, since they definitely know their stuff. Luckily for us,  these makeup-moguls-in-the-making were graciously game enough to answer all of our questions.

Your company was founded on the belief that “while individual beauty can be complex, it can be simply expressed by remaining true to yourself”. Wise words. What led you to this revelation?

Christina: I guess just years of life experience and observations of very talented, strong, inspiring women. 

Barbara: I am lucky to have always had strong inspiring women in my life who have ingrained in me the importance of inner-beauty from a very young age. One being my mother who always stressed the importance of believing in myself and embracing my imperfections, which I believe are what truly make us unique. 

Why do you think you are so enchanted by hair and makeup?

Christina: I've always had my hands in hair. I used to spend hours braiding and styling my dolls' hair and later my friends' hair. It just seemed natural to me. I didn't fall in love with lipstick until I got older, but now I rarely go a day without it.

Barbara: As a child, I remember being enamored watching my mother put on makeup before she went to events with my dad. She made a whole ritual out of it. She always left the house looking so sophisticated and elegant. As for hair, it wasn't until I went to school at Vidal Sassoon in London where my passion really came to life. I think it had a lot to do with the teachers I had,  their passion was contagious.

What tried-and-true beauty products do you always keep stocked in your makeup cabinet and/or makeup bag?

Christina:  Dior mascara. I can't live without it. However I've always worn the azure blue, (number 258) - and this past summer they reformulated it and it's not azure any more! It's more navy. I still wear the new color—it's an amazing formula—but I was heartbroken. I hunted down five tubes of the old color and have them hidden away for special occasions. 

Barbara:  BIO OIL. It serves so many purposes, too many to list, but check it out. I can't live without it.

You are both out-and-proud lipstick aficionados. If you could only wear one type of shade (i.e. nude, red, pink, coral or purple) of lip color for the rest of your life, which would you pick and why?

Christina: Red. I would wear red. I wear red most days. Its classic and looks nice on my pink skin.

Barbara: Nude—I'm all about subtleties!

What is the best piece of beauty-related advice you have ever received?

Christina: Drink water and get enough sleep. Simple but true. 

Barbara: Always take your makeup off before you go to sleep.

Least favorite beauty ritual?

Christina: Waxing. I hate waxing. I don't know why we choose to do this ourselves.

Barbara: Same! Waxing.


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