Copper: On Your Lids

Copper: On Your Lids

Today, I thought that I would share one of my obsessions with you all.'s copper eye shadow!

Copper is a reddish/brown tone. I might’ve shared this already but your girl can not do eye shadow. As of 2017, I am making it one of my beauty goals to learn how to master eye shadow.

Luckily I am slowly learning, so bear with me. However, I have found some beauty Instagrammers who have already created flawless copper eye shadow looks.

1. @thomasrachel

This makeup is making me miss autumn! It's blended beautifully and highlights shades of orange, copper and red.

2. @beautybyandy

Posted by YouTuber BeautybyAndy (A.K.A "Andy Truong") this copper look is a little bit different. Instead of incorporating dark colors, he added in hints of pink to radiate warmth and brightness. Perfect for any occasion that calls for something "everyday soft glam".

3. @tatianapbella

Tatiana Bella shows us the beauty of a well-done cut crease. Be sure to behold her pointers. Oh and don't even get me started on that golden waterline.

xThuyLe crafted a copper-eyed look that pairs spectacularly with a natural matte lips and a boldly "bronzy" face. 

5. @allthingsgirlish25

R U S T I C . O R A N G E 🍊🍊🍊

A photo posted by Melanin Proud 🍫 (@allthingsgirlish25) on

One, I love that she dubbed this "Rustic Orange". Plus, she plopped in a dramatic wing liner and a beaming highlight to make elevate it to over-the-top status. 

6. @bribeeartistry

Ugh. I am so in love with this, It's beautiful; the shine and sparkles in her glitter and the copper toned eye shadow work wonderfully together.

Thank you for reading; by now you will know why I am obsessed and utterly in love with copper. Until next time, lovelies. Oh and if you want more copper chat, check out Samantha's roundup of nail polishes and this "Copper" Beauty Assignment from TreVon Garcia.

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