Customized Makeup: The Future Of Cosmetics?

Customized Makeup: The Future Of Cosmetics?

I know how hard it can be to find makeup that encompasses all your needs. Everyone is different and many makeup companies don’t always have a wide enough range of product possibilities. 

In my experience, it’s always a give and take game to find something that somewhat works for me...and I have to compromise somewhere.

The makeup you wear is so important, as I’m sure you know! Because if one little thing doesn’t agree with your skin, it’s game over. That’s why I’m really feeling these makeup brands that let you customize your products these days!

1. Giella

Giella was launched at Henri Bendel’s, so you know it’s legit. Giella is cruelty-free and their makeup is mineral-based!

I think their foundation is really cool because when I was younger, my mom would get us customized foundation, but it wasn’t so easily attainable back then.

She’d have to go get it mixed at a salon. I haven’t used one like that in a long time, but I remember those were the best, especially for me (as someone on the darker side of the skin tone spectrum), I was actually able to get an exact fit. I still can’t find that in most foundation lines at the store, no matter how high-end they are.

So, I’m really happy to have found this brand. The color selection is great and it comes with options, like oil control, anti aging and even includes color-correcting properties.

Overall, I think Giella is great because all their products are very versatile. Aaaaand, most of their products are multi-functional, which I love. Like, their highlighters are beautiful and they can easily be used as shadows! Definitely worth a look-through.

2. Three Custom Color Specialists

This is actually the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. All you do is enter the shades you want and they make it for you. 

They can even whip up products that are similar to your favorite discontinued beauty buys! Amazinggggg. You just have to type in the name and they will find it and create it! I think this is so neat if you want something super specific or you’re having major nostalgia.

3. Adorn Cosmetics

Adorn Cosmetics is another cruelty-free, very earth-friendly brand. They offer up samples so you can try various products before making that online commitment. Adorn is pretty pricey, but well worth it if you want the best. Oh and I adore their "eco-refill" idea.

I think customizable makeup is definitely the future of cosmetics and something everyone should look into to really up their makeup game! Why get something "close to perfect" when you can get "just plain perfect"?

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