Do-It-Yourself: Rainbow Highlighter

Do-It-Yourself: Rainbow Highlighter

I’ve been obsessed with rainbow highlighters lately. I just find them to be super fun, without getting too wild in the makeup department. But instead of picking one up from a beauty brand, I, in typical Miranda manner, decided to make some myself.

Want to follow along my rainbow-highlighter-seeking adventure? Feel free! 

Step One: Select Your Shimmer

First, you’ll need your rainbow of eyeshadow colors and a highlighter. I’m going to use two old eyeshadow palettes and a loose powder highlighter to add some extra shimmer, but you can really use whatever eyeshadows you have on hand for this.

Step Two: Keep It Clean

Next, you’ll want to sanitize everything you’re going to use with alcohol.  I’m going to use some alcohol swabs to sanitize my spatula—a spoon will also work just fine—and an old empty pan. Rub everything down and you’re ready to start the fun part!

Step Three: Mix It Up

Using your spatula, scrape out the shadows into separate little piles. It is oddly satisfying. You'll want to keep these placed pretty far apart, since they need to stay separated when you move on to the next step of adding your liquid. Here is where you can also sprinkle a little extra highlighter on top of each pile. The highlighter will add more shimmery sparkly goodness, but adding too much may take away a bit of the color vibrancy. 

Step Four: Drop In Some Alcohol

After you have your piles ready, you’ll want to add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to each pile and mix it into a paste.  Do this one color at a time to keep the mixture from drying out as you go. 

I started by mixing 4-5 drops into my purple shadow.  Next, pour the drops into the bottle cap and then onto the pile for more control.  Once it’s all mixed up, use your spatula or spoon to scoop up the mixture and add it to the empty pan in thin rows.  Repeat this step in true ROYGBIV fashion and you’re done! 

Let this sit overnight in the fridge to harden and you’ll have a stunning rainbow highlighter in the morning. Here is how mine turned out:

Oh and the perfect way to apply a rainbow highlight is with the e.l.f. Contouring Brush.  Use it horizontally to get a good swipe of all the colors at once or vertically if you want to enhance one color at a time.

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