Dollar Store Buys That Are Worth More Than A Buck: Eye Makeup Remover Edition

Dollar Store Buys That Are Worth More Than A Buck: Eye Makeup Remover Edition

I think that we can all agree that removing our eye makeup is a necessary evil (and in case you have any doubts about this, ask Jamelia or read Brianna's Make Up With Your Skin). Removing makeup before bed is an important step to maintaining a healthy complexion and tear-free eyes, but it's usually a chore—and a costly one at that since eye makeup remover is a hot commodity at makeup counters across the country. Some bottles of eye makeup remover can cost over 30 dollars!

Eager to find some of the most inexpensive, yet effective make-up removing products on the market, I headed to the Dollar Tree to try my luck with their most promising options. I ended up trying out wipes, cream and an oil. Here's what I found.

Make Up Remover Facial Wipes

The product simply labeled “Make Up Remover Facial Wipes” comes in a bright pink package and is available in the cosmetics aisle of the Dollar Tree. Overall, these products were not a win for me.

The towelettes are pre-moistened, but the wipes were flimsy and left me tugging at my eyelid to get all of my liquid liner off.

After several tugs and pulls, my eye makeup did mostly come off. The scent was not overwhelming and the price is good, but these wipes did not do the job, even on a day where I wasn’t wearing much makeup.

Sassy+Chic's “Eye Makeup Remover"

The Sassy+Chic “Eye Makeup Remover" on the other hand, left an entirely favorable impression in my mind.

The label claims that the product is fragrance free, oil free and safe for sensitive eyes. It comes in a 2.3 fl.oz. bottle. I squeezed a few drops onto a cotton ball and all of my eye makeup came right off. My eyes are definitely on the "sensitive" side and this did not irritate my eyes at all!

April Bath and Shower's “Microfiber Facial Cloth"

The final product I reviewed was the April Bath and Shower's "Microfiber Facial Cloth". This washable cloth claims that it is “great for removing makeup and cleaning your skin." 

I dabbed a bit of cold cream onto the cloth to remove my liquid liner and undereye concealer and the cloth did a great job.

However, I don’t know that the cloth is any more effective or practical than your average washcloth. The fabric was sturdy and not too rough on the skin, but the cloth did nothing that a cotton ball or washcloth couldn’t do. So save yourself a dollar and skip this one.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into the Dollar Tree cosmetic aisle and are inspired to try out some of their affordable cosmetics and eye makeup removing products. Just because a product is inexpensive it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t work. Happy bargain-hunting and eye makeup-removing!



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