Double-Up: Blush As Eyeliner

Double-Up: Blush As Eyeliner

I’ve always been a fan of makeup with multiple uses. I love the ideas behind using concealer as eyeshadow primer, lipstick as blush, and most of all, blush as eyeshadow. The idea didn’t occur to me until I found myself wishing I had a bright-pink eyeshadow, but I was hesitant to splurge on yet another eyeshadow palette.

It’s similar to the concept of using lipstick as blush—the colors are similar, making your overall look more cohesive. I’ve gathered a few looks you can recreate yourself from around the Instagram sphere.

1. @ruth_noemi3

This is wondrously vampy and gorgeous and replicating this seems like a brilliant idea.

2. @karina.pralina

This look is more "traditional", with the addition of a bubblegum hue to emphasize the eyes.

3. @becca.andersonx

Hot pink eyes 🕷💖

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I loveeeeeee the thicker under-eye line here!

4. hannallamma

Rose gold cut crease ✨ @anastasiabeverlyhills #browdefiner in medium brown

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Hannallamma is an absolute expert at rocking pink on her lids. Fact.

Anyway, this look is the most complex thus far, but it proves that the addition of blush (or, in this case, blush-like shadows, but you get the idea) can work in both natural and glamorous looks.

The fantastic thing about using blush is that you don’t have to purchase new products, but you can still create a variety of looks, dependent on if your blushes are matte, shimmery, pink, or orange.

#FollowFriday: beautygalore's Mia Randria

#FollowFriday: beautygalore's Mia Randria

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