Elevate Your Selfies With Radiance Ring

Elevate Your Selfies With Radiance Ring

Selfies have grown beyond their previous status of MySpace profile pictures to something of an art, a phenomenon and what say may call a curse. Love it or hate it, the cultural significance of selfies is something unparalleled. It’s become a form of communication and a way to express identity and self-love.

Needless to say, selfies are important. However, taking the perfect selfie can be difficult without that proper “magic hour” lighting. Dark photos come out blurry and fuzzy, which can put a damper on looking back on a memory or all that time you spent on your #lotd.

Today I’m reviewing Radiance Ring’s Mobile Phone LED Ring Light, a “selfie light” that clips onto your phone to help you achieve a flawless photo. I’ve never used a selfie light before so I was really excited to see how this would actually affect my snaps!

Something I noticed immediately about it is that the ring is kind of big, which makes sense because it needs to emit so much light. It stands at more than half the height of my iPhone 6, but the clip does make it convenient to take it off easily when I don’t need it.

The ring has a button on the top which activates three levels of brightness. 1 is already pretty bright in my opinion, while 2 and 3 kick it up another notch.

Natural Light

Light Level 1

Light Level 2

Light Level 3

As you can see, the light definitely added some more glow to my pictures and illuminated my eyeshadow that I worked so hard on! I thought the whole time that this would be so great for #lotd/#motd posts because you can see the shades applied to my face way clearer!

1 and 2 was a little hard to differentiate for me, while 3 was a much more obvious light that left nothing hidden. It felt like a Goldilocks scenario and I kept flipping through the lights to find one that was “just right”. I would say that either 1 or 2 was optimal because they were bright enough to show off my makeup without being too bright.

My verdict? Definitely a quirky, useful little tool that will up my selfie game and makeup look posts! It’s a bit too large to fit in a clutch, but I could fit it in a purse for outings with the girls!

Talk again soon!

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