Eye Art: An Exploration

Eye Art: An Exploration

Eye art combines my two most beloved hobbies: makeup and art. A match made in heaven? I think so!

So, naturally, the fact that eye art is becoming a HUGE trend in the makeup community brings me endless joy. I think makeup artists are gravitating towards these fun looks because they makes such a huge statement. Like many artists before them, makeup artists want to push the boundaries and break the mold, so why not create your masterpiece on your eye?

In order to wet your appetite for this ever-growing trend, here are a few of my favorite eye work-of-arts by a few of my favorite eye makeup artists.

Zane Krevica

Zane Krevica is killing the game with this amazing piece she posted on her Instagram page (and to save you some searching, she's @zaneMUA).

This is absolutely beautiful. The color choices alone bring it to extraordinarily pretty heights. And be sure keep tabs on Zane's career because her ability to create larger-than-life looks will surely be embraced by the beauty world sooner than later.


Hannah/@hannarig_ is a 15-year-old who already somehow possesses this level of makeup application talent. Magical. Attention to detail and her brave attempts at hyper-complex looks are helping her to stand out in a sea of eye makeup artists.

Also, even if you do nothing else today, check out some of her lip art. It's incredible. She's basically #makeupgoals in human form.

Tal Peleg

Peacock - a closer look 💚 Model (not my eye this time): @topazarbell

A photo posted by Tal Peleg (@tal_peleg) on

Tal Peleg (@tal_peleg) has next-level talent. No joke. Not only has she built up an impressive collection of eye art movie recreations—including this one of Frozen's Elsa, she also regularly paints beautiful masterpieces like the peacock you see above. Definitely check her out if you need some eye inspiration.

More eye art is on the horizon, so check back soon. 

[Featured image via Zane Krevica/@zaneMUA]

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